Burundi refugees sing praises of Daisy Hill church

Nezia Irakoze, Clemantine Nduwimana, Liberata Burakeye, Zidonia Jessica and Josephine Mbonabuca make up the Hope Gospel Choir which sings at St Mark's Church at Daisy Hill. Picture: John Gass

REFUGEES from war-torn Burundi and South Sudan have been embraced by the St Mark’s Church community at Daisy Hill, where they’ve celebrated their culture through song.

The Anglican Parish of Logan has invited the broader community to learn about their journeys through a series of talks and events this month.

They will be joined by special guests, Bishop Grant and Dr Wendy LeMarquand, who have worked to ease ethnic tensions and improve women’s health in Ethiopia.

Parish member Noel Culbert said guests would learn how they could assist overseas and at home.

“(Our African community) is so appreciative, they’ve come from hell, so they are so grateful for what we do,” he said.

“They are legitimate refugees and in some cases waited in Tanzania for 15 years to get here. The government provides the basics for them.

“We can help by getting them established.”

The LeMarquands will share their stories at the church at 41a Winnetts Rd on March 13, 15 and 17.

About 300 African Christians are expected to attend a special cultural gathering on Saturday, March 18

A church service will also be held the following day of Sunday, March 19.
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