Death toll in attack on South Sudan aid workers rises to 7


The death toll of an attack on aid workers in South Sudan has risen to seven, with the news that the driver also died.

David Kim Choop was driving the vehicle when he and six aid workers were ambushed and killed on Saturday, March 25th.

The four South Sudanese and three Kenyans worked for a local NGO called GRADO (Grass Roots Empowerment for Development Organization) and were attacked while on a routine food convoy from Juba, the capital, to Pibor.

The ambush caused the highest number of aid workers killed in a single incident since South Sudan’s civil war began in 2013.

At least 12 aid workers have been killed so far this year and at least 79 killed since 2013, according to the UN.

“We are extremely saddened by this undeserved event,” said Pius Ojara, director of the NGO Forum in South Sudan. “These are people who were here to serve the population.”

Ojara said police are investigating to find out who killed the aid workers.

Grieving families gathered on Monday outside the morgue in Juba to collect and bury their dead.

“This is very painful for all of us,” said Levis Kori. Kori’s 30-year-old brother John Riti, was killed in the attack.

“We’re not enemies,” said Kori. “They were humanitarians there to do good. They’re not soldiers they have no guns.”



  1. Subject: Death toll in attack on South Sudan aid workers rises to 7” , Mar 27, 2017

    Commentary, 27 Mar 2017
    It is always sad when a single human being loses his/her life in wanton killing. But, Dear African Brethren, millions of our people are perishing by the day. What is happening in South Sudan is also happening in other parts of our Africa. Our Organization, the famous Organization of African Unity (OAU) which was renamed to African Union (AU) have proved themselves to be frivolous without meaningful accomplishment to save Africa.[1]

    Now, let us watch and see what the Honourable Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC), Mr Moussa Faki Mahamat, will accomplish in his two day visit to South Sudan. We know the outcome, but it is only fair that we give him the chance to make a difference. One thing that Africa cannot be accused of is lack of “PATIENCE!
    And so, We, the ordinary citizens, continue to fight on parochial matters , while our leaders spend sleepless nights, at variable secrete locations, trying to consolidate their dictatorial power at the expense of their servant people. Needless to mention, our African Intellectuals, brothers and sisters, of the highest academic level are also playing their game >>> waiting in their peaceful enclaves around the world for the right time for them to go back “HOME” to serve their brothers and sisters with loyalty and respect. If you believe that, you will believe anything under the sun.

    OH! Beloved Africa, CRY to your heart’s content, knowing full well you have nothing to give but TEARS from the depth of your soul.

    Finally, serious appeal to Management,
    Would the Management consider the possibility of sponsoring a FORUM for African Intellectuals [minimum number = fifty-four] to get together and initiate the development of a blueprint for future Africa. If such a noble initiation is adequately formed by but failed, then we know for sure that the destiny of Africa will never depend on ‘its children’ [i.e. its Intellectuals] but on ‘de-facto colonial powers’ whose main interest has always been far, far away from helping the African Race to develop and be independent. Period.

    [1] It is said that, once upon a time, there was extended heated discussion, at the annual meeting of Leaders of Africa, on a proposal by Muammar Ghedaffi to change the name of the Organization to the ‘United States of Africa’ (USA). Imagine the frivolities of the Heads of States !!! Years later Ghedaffi was found in a gutter begging for sweet life – instead, a deliberate bullet took away his life right in the gutter.

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