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Over 60,000 South Sudanese refugees arrive in Sudan in Q1, 2017

KHARTOUM– United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) on Wednesday announced that over 60,000 South Sudanese refugees have arrived in Sudan during the first quarter of 2017.

“The number of new arrivals has surpassed expectations, signaling a likely worsening situation in South Sudan,” it noted.

UNHCR’s representative in Sudan, Noriko Yoshida, appealed to the international community to continue its support to Sudan for the South Sudanese refugee emergency.

“Ultimately there needs to be a solution in South Sudan, so that people do not have to flee to neighboring countries,” she noted.

Yoshida expressed her gratitude for Sudan to keep its border open and receive refugees, saying that she was encouraged by the approach of granting refugees the opportunity to live within host communities, where old friendships and ties exist.

“Sudanese people along the border are sharing much of what they have with people arriving from South Sudan. Old friends are helping each other. Refugees are also working on the land supporting local farmers, and making a small living to sustain themselves and their families,” she noted.

UNHCR and its partners have appealed for 166 million U.S. dollars from international donors to help refugees and host communities in Sudan.

According to official statistics last month, Sudan hosts around 495,000 South Sudanese.

Famine was officially declared recently in South Sudan, where the government and the UN said 100,000 people are facing starvation, with one million people classified as being on the brink of famine.

The famine was attributed to many reasons including the civil war and collapse of the economy in the new-born state.

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rezen Mar 30, 2017 at 4:33 am

Subject: “Over 60,000 South Sudanese refugees arrive in Sudan in Q1, 2017” Mar 29, 2017
Commentary: 29 Mar 2017

Let us repeat the subject heading! South Sudanese are GOING BACK to Sudan — the ‘enemy’ country of ‘yesterday’– after thirty/forty years of war for “liberation” and four years of internal struggle among themselves based on racial or tribal loyalty.
Let’s repeat it one more time: South Sudanese just declared that their ‘former enemies’ are their saviours from their own ‘liberator Southern Sudanese devils’! To be frivolous, if we set aside, for a moment, the geographical direction (south), we will be talking about Sudanese in general, whether they live in the East, West, North or South of the big country!!! How many innocent people have died for such a charade? Nobody knows! Nobody cares! After all, it is Africa! The world is cynical about the “dark Continent”.
Let us generalize it. It is the characteristic of Africa. Africans are intertwined with strange phenomenon that oscillates them from foreign masters (and perceived internal enemies) to their own devils and swinging back again, and again…. seemingly for eternity. One dares to say, out of desperation for the right description, ‘IT IS THE EXACT PORTRAIT OF AFRICA’. What Africa NEEDS, no body knows. It is so deeply buried in the African psyche that it cannot be fathomed. Africa could be a perfect example of study in University on the subject of psychoanalysis! What is then left for dear Africa is to: ‘BEND DOWN AND CRY’, FOR ETERNITY.
If highly educated Africans, with the utmost highest level of intellectualism wish to save their abandoned Mother/Father Land, they will find (without a trace of surprise) that they are too late to save their people and the land they abandoned long time ago. If our collective guilty-feeling is too intense we are always free to shade our crocodile tears!!!
Our Dear Africa now belongs, without a shadow of a doubt, to other Entities who are hungry for space for their ever-increasing population and ever lasting desire for rich natural resources – at no cost. And we Africans can wander around the Globe, hungry to be meshed into different societies, different cultures, different languages, mannerism, history… thus attempting to cleanse ourselves from ourselves!!!That means, THE END.
———————– P.S. Dear Readers: I ask for your forgiveness if I crossed the line, though out of care.

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