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Uganda: District chairpersons petition President over salary increment

KAMPALA. District chairpersons under their umbrella body, the Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA), have petitioned the President demanding a salary increment which is ten times their current pay.
Local council 5 chairpersons receive a monthly stipend of Shs1.5m but they say their emoluments do not correlate with the amount of work they do.
Led by Mr George Mutabaazi, the president of ULGA, the district leaders indicated that as titular heads of the different local government units, they work under harsh environment that warrant a higher pay.

“Your Excellency, the subject of this petition is to first of all complain respectfully that you seem not to appreciate the role your humble petitioners play in the administration of government matters,” reads in part the petition.
The district leaders also requested that the President accords them the audience and cause a review of the emoluments to reflect their workload given the prevailing cost of living.
Local Council 5 chairpersons among other duties preside over meetings of the executive committees of the district, monitor the general administration of the district, implementation of council resolutions as well as coordinate the activities of municipal and town councils, lower local governments and administrative units in the district.

“The argument is a fight for a consolidated pay that would involve the provision of emoluments like other civil servants. The Local Government Act specifies that we only get paid a salary of Shs1.5 million but remain with no medical insurance and all associated bills; which is too little to even pay the workers provided for by government,” said Mr Willy Lugoloobi, the Kalangala District chairperson.
He added: “That is why we requested that our salary increment and emoluments be up to Shs15 million.”

In a telephone interview with Daily Monitor, the Local Government minister, Mr Tom Butime said the petition was received and forwarded to the president for action.
“The chairpersons have no problem. They have a right in their own capacity to request for salary increment and if there is money, the President will recommend their salary and emolument increase but if there isn’t any money, of course the President will call them and advise on an immediate remedy or ask for their patience,” Mr Butime said.

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