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Uganda: UPDF warned on corruption, indiscipline

Uganda People’s Defence Forces acting Chief of Staff for Land Forces, Brig Katsigazi Tumusiime, has warned army officers against engaging in corrupt deals as well as behaving in a manner that is unbecoming.

According to the senior UPDF officer, corruption and indiscipline, if not guarded against, will not only dent the reputation of the army but also sink it into the abyss.
Speaking during the passout of 79 officers who completed a six-month training, called the company commanders course at Junior Command and Staff College in Jinja, Brig Katsigazi advised the officers to stick to the UPDF code of conduct, saying it will keep them off trouble and corrupt temptations.

“As officers you should have control over your affairs and you must be able to exercise self-discipline. You must not turn out to be a drunkard or a womaniser or even corrupt officer. You must be exemplary,” said Brig Katsigazi, who was the chief guest at the ceremony.

He continued: “You should not forget our historical responsibility of protecting the sovereignty and property of the people of Uganda for this is the ultimate mission that we must preserve at all times. And it begins by you doing the right things.”

Brig Katsigazi also warned that officers in position of responsibility must always make the right call, stressing those who fall short of that, the institution of the army will reprimand them.

“The training you have acquired is to help you solve and not lament or present problems,” he said.

The outgoing Commandant at the Junior Command and Staff College, Brig Godfrey Golooba, said it’s through training that the capability and the determination of an officer is gauged. “Once that is done as a result of the training then promotion to other responsibility is in order. And for that, the officers should always take their training serious and the responsibilities that follow thereafter,” Brig Golooba said.

Col James Kinalwa, who represented the chief of training and recruitment, Brig. Willis Byarugaba, said the purpose of training is to prepare officers for the tasks ahead, implying that the knowledge they have gathered during the course of the training, will come in handy and therefore they better take it seriously.

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