Tanzania: ATCL Set to Send 28 Pilots, Engineers to Addis for Training

SEEKING to embark on capacity building for its employees at affordable costs, Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) will send 28 pilots and aircraft engineers for training at institutions operated by Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa.

“Training a pilot in Ethiopia will save US $500 dollars per hour compared to the amount currently paid for such teaching in the United Kingdom and Canada,” the Managing Director of ATCL, Mr Ladislaus Matindi, explained yesterday.

It is on this backdrop that the national carrier will mid this year dispatch 18 aircraft engineers and 10 pilots for training in Addis Ababa, Mr Matindi explained yesterday, after a meeting with officials from Ethiopian Airlines based in Tanzania.

“We are now waiting for approval from the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCCA) before we send them, it is a requirement for the aviation regulator to certify training institutes for our experts,” he explained.

He further explained that the ATCL Director for Technical Services and Operations, Captain Richard Shaidi, will travel to Ethiopia next week to finalise the deal between the two airlines. “Ethiopia Airlines has well equipped training and maintenance facilities and we can benefit from their expertise.

The training will be for new pilots and those in service through recurrent teaching,” he remarked. Mr Matindi on the other hand said the airline will continue sending few pilots to Canada to receive training on operation of the new Bombardier aircraft set for delivery mid this year.

At the same occasion, Ethiopia Airlines Area Manager for Tanzania, Mr Dahlak Teferi, said the deal will provide a win-win situation between the two airlines. He pointed further that it is not the first time that the two companies are co-operating to improve the capacity of their workforce and operations.

The co-operation was heightened during discussions between President John Magufuli and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr Hailemariam Desalegn, during the latter’s visit to Tanzania.

Dr Magufuli said then that the Ethiopian leader agreed during their meeting to strengthen cooperation between ATCL and Ethiopia Airlines. President Magufuli added that the Ethiopian airline will establish a cargo hub in Dar es Salaam for transferring consignments.

“The Ethiopian airline has big aircrafts and several destinations worldwide and in Tanzania it has three destinations – Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro,’’ he added. The cooperation, Dr Magufuli said, will help in training and maintenance, expressing optimism that the two leaders believe it will be possible through the experts from both countries.

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1 comment

rezen Apr 15, 2017 at 6:57 am

Subject: “Tanzania: ATCL Set to Send 28 Pilots, Engineers to Addis for Training, Apr 14, 2017”

Commentary, 14 April 2017
The News Item is commendable. Two African States co-operating in air transport field is refreshing. Let me repeat it, at the risk of being labelled as usual ‘an emotional African’: One African State requiring training; and another African State providing the necessary training. Fantastic! Imagine African States co-operating in every field of endeavour to the best of their capabilities, instead of running abroad for ‘glamour’, and perfectly plunged into the demeaning image of AFRICANS.

I salute Tanzania through its President John Magufuli and Ethiopia through its Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, for their economic co-operation. Both leaders expressed their optimism openly; hence an added assurance to the success of the project. It will bear ‘fruit’ for sure, I have absolutely no doubt at all, because it is NOT a gimmick co-operation but a solid endeavour to “train 18 aircraft engineers and 10 pilots”. The arrangement itself has a practical ‘guarantee’ for application and success. No doubt, Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) is on the right track in the development of its Airline.

Why couldn’t we have CO-OPERATION in other fields of endeavour? Primarily, we must address this honest fundamental question to the consciousness of African Leaders. It is hoped that their ‘inner feeling’ would prick upon them to devote their time for the benefit and development of the African People – to the best of their ability. At the very minimum, Africa should be able to have earnest internal communication (discussion) in every filed of socioeconomic, political…..etc. It can be done—if there is a will and concentration.

I would not end this commentary without pricking the consciousness of our Educated Scholars of the highest level to come forward and help the decent people of Africa, in their ‘hour’ of desperate needs and help. As I always like to mention, a Group of only fifty-four (54) Scholars of the highest calibre – one from each independent African State — could form a ‘scholar-union’ to get together for serious discussion to come-up with a blueprint [call it ‘Advice/Recommendation’] in the general frame work of socioeconomic development for the Africa People.

May the co-operation of Ethiopia-Tanzania on the specific subject matter be a success and also be a future ‘beacon’ for others to follow in other socioeconomic developments with the legendary motto: let Africa help itself, by itself, for itself.
Thanks goes to for providing a FREE space to Readers for their comments, recognizing that exchange of opinions and ideas are indispensable to the development of Africa.

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