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Distribution of president Museveni’s autobiography to Govt schools cause controversy

By Nangayi Guyson –

Kampala,Uganda –The distribution of the re-edited book of the Ugandan president Museveni known as “Sowing the Mustard Seed” in every government owned schools is causing controversies in the country.

All government aided secondary schools across Uganda will soon receive a donation of over 3,301 copies of President Yoweri Museveni’s book entitled ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed

The Ministry of Education headed by Janet Museveni who is the wife to the President last month issued a statement in which head teachers of government-aided secondary schools were directed to get their students to read President Museveni’s book, “sowing the Mustard Seed”

In the statement to the heads of schools, the ministry said, “You are required to ensure the book is readily available to students and you are urged to encourage students to read the book.

These students must know the causes of our troubled national history, subsequent liberation and path to national recovery” the ministry  said in a statement.

the same statement further said  that the book will also ‘promote a proper understanding, appreciation and loyalty to Uganda’s national identity in a bid to foster peace and national cohesion for development.

However, critics say the move by the ministry of Education to distribute copies of Museveni’s Book is indented to manipulate and indoctrinate the youth, most of who have not known another President. Further, they claim that the book has since been re-edited, removing some of his former comrades in the five-year bush struggle which carries little meaning now.

Former President of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), Olara A. Otunnu said “what a terribly idea for the schools, our children are to be brainwashed with reserved version of history” he said.

He was ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’ was first published in 1997 and was re-edited ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Mr Museveni rewrote the book, editing out the names and contribution of the people he was with during the bush war but has since fallen out with.

It is largely based on a series of interviews Mr Museveni gave to British historian Kevin Shillington.

The Ministry of Education says the book should be kept in each school’s library as a reference book and students should be encouraged to read it.

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rezen May 8, 2017 at 4:07 am

Subject: Distribution of president Museveni’s autobiography to Govt schools cause controversy
May 7, 2017

Commentary, 7 May 2017
It has been done! If an ambitious person desires to be absolute dictator it goes without saying the quenching desire for power and history stretches to eternity. Dictators have unique personalities that do not include plurality. And Africa has proved it be, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a fertile ground for corruption and dictatorship.

Soon, the Dictator becomes an Emperor and the history of the Emperor becomes obligatory study in all schools from Elementary to the University. By the way, the credibility of the Dictator’s History is assured because it is written by a White Colonial Master. One can’t help remembering, in a moment like this, the good old dear Idi Amin who also enjoyed being carried by White carriers! They both have the same trait, though one was illiterate and the other university graduate!!! Poor Africa, for some mysterious reason ‘curse’ seems to follow it.

Anyway, the application of the law of the Emperor is also assured by the fact that the Empress is also a Minister of Education and Fine Arts etc. No doubt, the conniving Empress would make sure that no student would graduate from any academic level, unless he/she achieved at least Grade B on the history of the Emperor – because nothing is sacred than the wisdom and history of the Emperor.

But then, regardless of the Emperor’s unlimitedi-power, people have a way of avoiding rules and regulations of the country. Hence, it wouldn’t take time to create convenient corruption of bribing teachers to give the student the necessary high mark on the history of the Emperor, proportionately according to the amount of bribe slipped through the fingers of the good teachers. The higher the amount, the higher the grade! Consequently, the whole country becomes corrupt – and corruption eventually destroys the nation —- perfect situation for outside colonizers to come in and take over the whole country. OH! CRY YOUR HEART OUT, MY BELOVED AFRICA.

Once again, MY Dear INNOCENT AFRICANS, Grin & Bear IT. Be quiet and happy with what you have, meager as it may be —- as YOU are mysteriously and miraculously destined to be so!!!!! AMEN.

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