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Uganda’s controversial Dr Stella Nyanzi released on bail

By our correspondent.

Kampala, Uganda -A  controversial Makerere University researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi who has been in detention for using obscenities in her writing on her Facebook account criticizing President Museveni and her wife Janet Museveni for failure to provide sanitary pads to school going girls as promised during last year’s presidential campaigns has been released  on bail by a court in the capital Kampala.

Buganda Road Court granted Dr Nyanzi noncash bail of Shs10 million on Wednesday after it emerged that she was critically ill.

Dr Nyanzi is battling  cyber harassment  crimes slapped against her. The State accuses her for allegedly referring to the person of President Museveni as a “pair of buttocks”

Amnesty International and several Ugandan rights groups had called for her unconditional release from jail.

Stella’s Case has hit headlines in the newspapers across the world and is being worldwide.

The state suspects Stella to be having a mental problem and is suggesting she should take mental assessment.

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rezen May 11, 2017 at 4:46 am

Subject: “Uganda’s controversial Dr Stella Nyanzi released on bail”, May 10, 2017

Commentary, 10 May 2017 It is good news that, at the very least, Dr. Stella Nyanzi is physically out of prison. The photo of the courageous “Stella Nyanzi being supported by prison warders as she arrives at Buganda Road Court” shows dragging her feet as a symbol of determination and courage, advocating for democracy and human dignity. Stella, I salute you – you are one in millions daring to challenge the dictator at the risk of your Life. Shame on us.

Professor Stella Nyanzi shouldn’t have been there, in the first place. By normal standard, the whole scheme of demoralizing and destroying her was the ACT of one absolute Dictatorial President — supposedly a graduate of Makerere University who had gone through the curriculum of Humanities and Sociology. What a blot on the University. Alas! It is a norm in our Africa.

Dr. Nyanzi’s complaint about [“sanitary pads to school going girls”] was legitimate and should not have been the cause to jail the Professor. As to the “insult” to the President and his wife by DR. Nyanzi, [if true] it is a civil case where the matter is handled in civil court. But we have a government of ABSOLUTE DICTATOR, terrifying the entire population of the country in every sector of endeavor. Within this environment, it will NOT be a wonder if the Honourable Courts become honourable corrupts for fear of the Dictator.

In conclusion, what we have is a criminal case where a single person dictates the entire country and people according to his whims. This is a fact, not an insult. Under this fact, we have seen one Professor on the verge of madness – all in the name of keeping the honour of one person. ‘Tomorrow’, with corresponding circumstances, the same thing can happen to the judges who are today following the order. Similarly, the police force — the protector of the people – will also be the victims of their dictatorial master. Where and when does it end? Only the Good Lord knows, so the saying goes in a hopeless society!!!

Still, one hopes that Intellectuals of Africa would one day get together and ask themselves what they can do to help their African Mothers and Fathers; their Sisters and Brothers; their Sons and Daughters; their Continental Men and Women to have a decent Life – not exuberant Life but just a simple Life — for the short period of living on Planet Earth. The Intellectuals of Africa have the necessary tools to align the People of Africa in the right direction. What is the mystery for their hesitancy? What was the purpose of the ‘modern’ Education? Indeed, what is the meaning and purpose of LIVING? Let their conscious be The Judge.

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