Sudan: Military market shootout kills four in North Darfur


A gunfight between a military commander and a member of his force resulted in the killing of four people, including the commander and a civilian in a market in North Darfur on Wednesday.

The exchange of fire occurred after joint force commander Mohamed Musa ‘Gamar Duda’ ordered a member of the force to not wear a kadamool (a turban covering the face).

The man refused and shot Gamar Duda, his personal guard named Saddam, and a member of the joint force who’s named Eisa Jubara. A stray bullet from the shooting killed a civilian at the market.

Kadamool are banned in the streets of towns in North Darfur, as well as the carrying of weapons by civilians, the use of a motorcycle by more than one person, and unregistered vehicles, in attempts to curb the rampant insecurity in the state.

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