Uhuru leads Kenyans in agitating for unity

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to continue praying for peace and unity, which will facilitate the growth of the country.

The President said Kenyans should steer away from tension instigated by politics and should continue with their activities without fear.

“There is no need for tension or fear, Kenya will still be there after elections.

“Leave us as leaders to tackle our political issues. Kenya was there before election and it will continue to exist,” President Kenyatta said at Ngong Catholic Church, Kajiado County, where he was accompanied by his deputy William Ruto.


Mr Kenyatta equally hailed Kenyans for engaging in peaceful activities in the last election period, noting that the country is maturing democratically.

He thanked Kajiado residents for taking the lead in preaching peace, and others should follow suit.

“Kajiado is an example to Kenyans. Despite hosting different communities, it was the only cosmopolitan county whose residents were not drawn into the 2007/2008 post election violence,” he observed.

The Jubilee Party leader thanked voters for supporting his party’s candidates, for example Mr ole Lenku.


Deputy President Ruto said all Kenyans are winners in the General Election.

“Our democracy is growing as demonstrated by the way Kenyans voted during the just concluded General Election,” Mr Ruto said.

Mr Ruto said it was impressive that Kenyans voted for candidates whose campaigns were based on issues and not ethnic backgrounds.


Also, he said, it is encouraging that leaders are respecting the rule of law by lodging their electoral petitions in courts.

“Although we have differences of opinion, it is impressive that leaders are committed to following the rule of law in addressing such issues,” he said.

“Disputes arising from elections can always be solved through the Constitution and in a peaceful manner.”

Nasa has filed a petition at the Supreme Court challenging Mr Kenyatta’s re-election.


At the same time, Governors-elect Mike Sonko (Nairobi) and Joseph ole Lenku (Kajiado) appealed to Kenyans to avoid activities that can disrupt peaceful coexistence.

“Lets embrace peace and harmonious relations because politics come and goes but our development is there to stay,” Mr Ole Lenku said at St Joseph’s Cathedral.

Mr Sonko added: “Politics is like rainy clouds, which come and go but normal life continues.”

Father Anthony Koikai conducted the Mass and also delivered the sermon urging the faithful to embrace the gift of faith, which has been given freely by God.

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