Former Rwandan Presidential Candidate Accused of Forgery

Kigali – A former presidential candidate in Rwanda is under investigation for forgery and tax evasion, police said Wednesday, a day after detectives searched her home in the capital, Kigali.

Diane Rwigara is being investigated on suspicion of forging signatures during her efforts to qualify as a candidate, police spokesman Theos Badege said. Police and revenue officials also are investigating her family’s business over allegations of tax evasion, he said.

“Investigations are still going on, but it’s not true that we arrested Rwigara,” Badege said, denying reports that Rwigara was in custody.

Rwigara has not commented on the allegations, but she has said she has been targeted over her criticism of President Paul Kagame’s government and its human rights record in the East African nation.

Kagame won re-election on Aug. 4 with over 98 percent of the vote, though human rights groups long have accused the government of targeting and harassing the opposition.

Rwigara was disqualified as a candidate after allegedly failing to collect enough supporting signatures ahead of the election. According to electoral laws, independent presidential candidates are required to present 600 signatures, with at least 12 from each of Rwanda’s 30 districts, in order to run for president.

Rwigara turned in signatures of some people who had been long dead and others who belonged to a rival political party, according to Rwanda’s electoral commission.

Rwigara is the daughter of the late Assinapol Rwigara, a tycoon who fell out with Kagame before his death in a car accident in 2015.

Kagame has been de facto leader or president since the end of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.

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rezen Aug 30, 2017 at 9:14 pm

Subject: Former Rwandan Presidential Candidate Accused of Forgery by AP Aug 30, 2017

Commentary, 30 Aug. 2017
The beautiful, elegant, Lady Diane Rwigara would serve herself better by taking a moment to review the recent history of her beloved Rwanda >>>i.e. how it was created; how the shrewd and cruel actors manipulated in the creation of a State; the disappearance of so many actors, without a trace; the sophisticated and ‘spaghetti-manner’ of their disappearances etc. The sordid history of Africa in general can overwhelm ANY Professor who devoted his/her Life time occupation in History — in Psychology — in Criminology — in Anthropology – in Sociology … would be overwhelmed by the treachery, committed in Africa, by Africans, upon Africans – and still going strong i.e. the execution of wanton CRIMES by emotion-less indigenous DICTATORS. One is left numbed, hopelessly and silently reciting that everlasting book entitled “Cry My Beloved Africa by Peter Wuteh Vakunte” (*)

(*) Ref: the everlasting and invaluable Google

rezen Aug 31, 2017 at 6:13 pm

Addendum 31 Aug 2017
I forgot to mention the case of the admirable Lady Dr. Stella Nyanzi of Mekerere University, Uganda.
She almost plunged into madness by the harassment of Government authorities and judiciary. That was not enough>>>she was also prevented from attending international meeting abroad. At least she has her physical Life. All the harassment that poured upon her under the leadership of someone with Modern Education, Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PH.D). Where is the difference from Idi Amin!?!? Africa has a long, long, long way to go. In the philosophy of our uneducated grandparents it is a ‘CURSE’. Otherwise how can one explain the bizarre situation where indigenous African leaders are more viscous, cruel, inhuman than the Colonial Masters!!!
Ms. Diane Rwigara: Good Luck — you need all the luck that comes your way.

rezen Sep 3, 2017 at 9:43 pm

Sad News Item, INFOCUS

QUOTE: ” Rwanda: What We Know So Far On Missing Rights Activist Rwigara’s Whereabouts East African, 1 September 2017″ Rwandan politician, rights activist and critic of President Paul Kagame, Diane Rwigara and four other family members are yet to be traced after police denied they are in their” UNQUOTE

If TRUE, it is very sad for all of us AFRICANS.

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