AU chief says Kenya poll ruling ‘does honour to Africa’



The groundbreaking ruling on Friday annulling the August 8 presidential election was a first on the continent, where elections have often been tainted by intimidation and fraud.

“This is behaviour that does honour to Africa and proves that democracy is now installed on the continent,” Conde said.

The African Union “appreciates the spirit of maturity and responsibility shown by all parties to the process, who preferred legal channels to violence,” added Conde, who is also president of Guinea.

“Africa will be what we want it to be,” he said.

Veteran Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga, who challenged the result in court, hailed the “historic” ruling.

Kenyatta accepted it but railed at the judiciary and refused opposition demands to replace the electoral commission, widely seen as tarnished.

When the poll body declared Kenyatta victorious with 54.27 percent of the votes, protests and riots broke out and were harshly put down by police, claiming at least 21 lives.

Citing serious irregularities in the electronic transmission of results, the court declared Kenyatta’s victory “invalid, null and void.” The judges ordered a rerun to take place before October 31.


  1. Subject: “AU chief says Kenya poll ruling ‘does honour to Africa’, AFP, Sep 5, 2017”

    Commentary, 5 Sept 2017
    We know already the uselessness and sham of the AFRICAN UNION or UNITY for the simple fact that the social gatherings of representatives of African Dictators hasn’t done anything for the poor people of the entire Continent of Africa since its inception in 1963 >>> FIFTY-FOUR (54) YEARS Ago.

    The news item in general, starting from the very Title, is shamelessly deceiving. It is another proof that African Dictators are devoid of any feeling and truth about their criminal governance upon the poor people of Africa. In fact, the very foundation of the African Union [used to be Organization of African Union or Unity — OAU] is a sham.
    And so, the Union or Unity of African Enlightened Dictators will keep on satisfying the norms of their past-colonial masters and play the civilized game of “scratch my back; I will scratch yours” will continue for ever.
    To be absolutely democratic, we must also mention the African Intellectuals with Doctor of Philosophy Title (Ph D), always prefixed their names by “Dr” in writing as well as in addressing them. Now, if we are talking about honesty, relying on our Intellectuals is like [as I always say] expecting torrential rain in the Sahara Desert. If the so-called “Modern” Education was meant as a vehicle for the advancement of the African People then it must be an extraordinary achievement of Houdini Act in broad light. In cruel words, AFRICANS WERE ROBBED OF THEIR DIGNITY AS WELL AS PROPERTY IN BROAD DAY LIGHT. To say that Africa has a hope is to equate wishful thinking with reality on the ground.
    Then our appeal or salvation remains only up ward to Heaven. May the Almighty Master in Heaven reconsider her/his declaration of the past and forgive the sin of the innocent African Race.

    [1] It used to be Organization of African Unity (or Union) until, apparently, Ghedaffi of Libya manipulated the meeting in Libya to change it to its present name. It is historical significance to note that his initial proposal was to name the organization the “UNITED STATES OF AFRICA (OAU)”. After overnight pull and push of negotiation, however, the brightest and ingenious minds of the African representatives came upon some thing, in the wee hours of the night, that no ordinary human beings could even dream >>> to drop the alphabet “O” from the original name and honour the remaining two alphabets (AU). It worked!!! It was a monumental and ingenious achievement that no ordinary mind can come-up with! And that is the proud history of our BELOVED AFRICA — whether we like it or not!!!

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