Uganda targets four million tourists from China

KAMPALA – Tourism minister, Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu, has said Uganda is targeting four million tourists by 2020.

Prof Kamuntu is heading a delegation of government and private sector players at the China Guangdong International Tourism Expo as part of promotional efforts to get at least one million tourists from the world’s largest outbound tourist nation.

Speaking at the sidelines of the expo last weekend, Kamuntu said: “We are going to embark on an aggressive marketing campaign in this important market,” he said.

Ugandan tourism minister Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu

The minister was accompanied by Stephen Asiimwe, the chief executive officer of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), staff of the Guangzhou Consulate, led by Ambassador Solomon Rutega, Uganda’s consul general in Guangzhou and official from the Uganda embassy in Beijing.

“In this year’s budget, we have included an item for market representation and public relations. We hope that this will help bolster our presence in the Chinese market, increase visibility and awareness of the destination and grow visitor stay and spend in Uganda,” Asiimwe said.

The expo and conference, was held at the Pazhou Exhibition Complex in Guangzhou, the capital Guangdong, China’s richest province, with a GDP of $1.15 trillion and a population of over 110 million people.

The side event was organised as part of ongoing activities by the consulate to create further awareness of Uganda as a favourable tourist destination.

Ambsaador Rutega said since the establishment of the consulate, trade, investment and tourism had increased tremendously.

The minister is in Guangzhou, as part of his visit to China, during which he will attend the General Assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

He will also preside over another consulate-organised conference on promoting Uganda’s investment and tourism opportunities in Nanning City, Guangxi province next week

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rezen Sep 11, 2017 at 4:43 am

Subject: “Uganda targets four million tourists from China” by New Vision, Sep 10, 2017

Commentary, 10 Sept 2017
Without appearing to be cynical, perhaps it is about time that AFRICA makes itself happy by inviting its own demise! We go farther than that: we support it by calling it a flourishing TOURIST industry. And for sure, AFRICA will soon have the result of its wishes – always for the benefit of few mortals but NEVER for the prosperity of the good-hearten, believing, ordinary Africans. To call this state of affair “colonialism” is to be outdated; therefore, the new terminology is “partnership” pure and unmitigated lie and deception.

To those Africans who directly benefit immensely from the above venture, the demise of the ordinary, down trodden, African does not matter. The simple proof is this: >>> WHAT DID WE ACHIEVE, FOR THE ORDINARY AFRICAN CITIZEN, IN THE LAST FIFTY- FOUR YEARS? NOTHING! In fact, to the contrary, Africans have actually regressed in the last fifty-four years than in any other period i.e. even in comparison with the “colonial” era, as shocking as it may be. The truth of the matter is this: The African Leaders are there to enrich themselves at the expense of the ordinary African citizens who are destined to be destitute and kicked around the world as despicable permanent refugees. In contrast, please name just TWO African States who are meaningfully free from this inherent disease.

Let us be realistic and accept Africa the way it has always been i.e. the ‘Dark Continent’ with the richest natural resources and abundance of slavery for exploitation by European Colonialism. Even with the so-called ‘liberation’ of Africa, the basic attitude and exploitation of Africa was never changed. It is only the tact of the old European colonialism, as well as the birth of new Asiatic force vying for the SPACE and WEALTH of Africa that changed. To the ordinary African, Life is still miserable. In fact, even with fifty-four so-called ‘independent’ African States, the African people, in general, are worse than they were under the old masters. The new colonial forces that are being hatched are much more sophisticated than the previous crude colonial masters. Let me quote one astute African professor who put it elegantly, “this time around Africans wouldn’t even know that they are re-colonized”. Indeed, the situation on the ground reflects the truism of that observation.

Let us probe a little deeper. Take the Title of the Article at hand: “Uganda targets four million tourists from China”. What does it mean? In a country of 41.82 million people[1], four million richest “tourists” from the newly advanced and ambitious country will be visiting Uganda. That is ten percetn (10%) of the population. The consequence of which, no doubt, business will flourish in direct proportion to the ultimate effective ‘demise’ of Uganda. Yes, to be precise, a few Ugandan smart personalities would profit but Uganda, as a whole, will be lost and the Ugandan people will be left with empty hands – but perhaps gaining a new colonial language! In conclusion, Uganda is heading for sale to the big bidder of the time. In such clever undertaking, it is understandable that it is essential for African Leaders vying for the prolongation of their presidency for the longest period of time – i.e. for 100% assurance not to lose the ‘deal.’ In fact, it is not a secrete, there is strong open desire by His Excellency, The Honourable President of Uganda itself to make the term of Presidency permanent for LIFE! CRY, MY BELOVED AFRICA.

[1] Ref: Google.

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