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Dialogue committee decries the continuation of war in South Sudan

The on-going fighting between rebels and government forces in parts of South Sudan poses a serious threat to the national dialogue initiative, official said.

The Co-Chair for National Dialogue Steering Committee, Mr Angelo Beda, said the ceasefire violations by the warring factions constituted a serious impediment to the group’s operations across the country.

He regretted that several declarations of ceasefire by President Salva Kiir had not been honoured by either side to the conflict.

Mr Beda warned the warring parties to fully implement a permanent ceasefire as per the peace agreement, adding that the work his committee could not be effective unless the guns fell silent.

People killed

The dialogue committee was expected to send delegations to the former 10 states across the country for consultations, but Mr Beda expressed fear that military confrontations could disrupt their activities.

South Sudan has been in war since 2013, that has seen thousands of people killed and nearly two million others become refugees in neighbouring countries. Another one million South Sudanese remained internally displaced.

The war has been characterised by gross human rights violations.

To cut aid

The US last week imposed sanctions on three individuals accused of fuelling the war and corruption in the young state.

Former army chief Paul Malong, Information minister and state spokesman Michael Maluei and deputy Chief of Defence Staff Malek Reuben Riak were all blacklisted by the US Treasury Department.

The Department also imposed sanctions on three companies owned by Gen Riak.

The action came just days after the US threatened to cut aid to South Sudan if violence continued.

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