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Nurses’ strike forces patients to seek treatment in Tanzania

People in need of medical services in Taita Taveta and Kwale counties in southern Kenya are now trooping to Tanzania seeking for treatment after medical services in most public hospitals at the Coast remain grounded.

The hospitals are not operating due to the ongoing nationwide nurse’s strike which has left most health services paralysed.

Dominic Ashili, 72, who is suffering from gangrene diabetic foot was forced to travel to Tanzania where his leg was amputated after the disease took toll on him.

“The amputation was done in Moshi Hospital. He used to go to Mwatate Sub-County Hospital but when nurses boycotted duties his health deteriorated.

“We decided to rush him to Tanzania for treatment. He could have died hadn’t we rushed him to Moshi where he is recuperating,” said his son, Peter Mwamburi.

Mr Mwamburi, a health worker, said many Kenyans are receiving treatment in Tanzania due to the health crisis.

Health workers at the Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, the largest referral health hospital in the region, have to attend to an overwhelming number of patients from different counties.

Meanwhile, striking nurses in Mombasa have condemned some of their colleagues who have resumed duties as they demand for their collective bargaining agreement to be implemented.

The Kenya National Union of Nurses Mombasa branch secretary Peter Maroko said the nurses have not received their July and August salaries.

“Don’t go back to work, stay put and fight for your rights. We must pressurise those who are working to join us. We will resume if we get a return to work formula,” said Mr Maroko.

Mentally ill patient are also suffering after nurses at Port Reitz Mental Hospital in the region boycotted duties.

This comes a few days after Mombasa Catholic Archbishop Martin Kivuva urged striking nurses to resume duties and help hundreds of patients who are suffering due to lack of healthcare services.

Archbishop Kivuva said the ongoing nationwide strike that has paralysed health services in most public hospitals has caused suffering to many families in the country.

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rezen Sep 13, 2017 at 3:03 am

Subject: “Nurses’ strike forces patients to seek treatment in Tanzania” , By TheEastafrican, Sep 12, 2017

Commentary, 17 Sept. 2017

Patients are traveling to Tanzania from Kenya for medical treatment because of Nurses’ strike in Kenya.

There is nothing abnormal about Kenyans benefiting from the service of their fraternal Tanzanians. After all, it was only “YESTERYEARS” that they [i.e. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda ] used to be the tripartite enviable East African States. They had perfect cooperation in every endeavor — The East African Airways readily comes to mind because it was the pride of African cooperation. It was a time of sanity and brotherhood among the three for the benefit of the PEOPLE. NOT ANYMORE.

What is important now is for the individual leaders’ enrichment — and the hell with the wretched people. Now, the Leaders want to have it ALL for themselves — and to Hell with People. They don’t say it in such words but their daily actions definitely speak loud and clear. Oh! yes, we now have different breeds of Leaders with unlimited appetite to be the Leaders for Life. In fact, the President of Uganda, University Graduate, said it loud and clear without a trace of shame>>> i.e. abolish the fixed term election for Presidency and make it permanent until death takes its turn. It is simply mind boggling — so much so, the Ugandan people and Africans in totality [including the African Union and the African Intellectuals, possessors of Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (Ph D) ] took it without an iota of reaction (even on papers).

African problem is deeper than the usual malaise of government. Without getting into details, the colonization of Africa has done infinitely more damage than any other causes of problems. In such unusual circumstances, a mortal soul is inclined to appeal to the Almighty Up In Heaven for miraculous help. THE END

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