At least 25 killed in fresh clashes in South Sudan

JUBA– Fresh clashes between government forces and rebels on Monday have killed at least 25 people in northern South Sudan, officials said Tuesday.

Information Minister in Northern Liech State Lam Tungwar said rebels aligned to the country’s former deputy president attacked Nhialdiu town in the early hours of Monday, leaving at least 25 people dead.

“We lost 19 people during the fighting in Nhialdiu Payam and an additional six people died later. Among the dead were three women, six police officers and an old man,” Tungwar told Xinhua by phone.

South Sudan has been embroiled in more than three years of conflict that has taken a devastating toll on the people of the country.

A peace pact signed in Addis Ababa in 2015 under intense international pressure was shattered again following renewed violence between government and opposition troops in the capital Juba in July 2016.

The conflict has since spread to other regions, resulting in the displacement of at least 3.5 million people, ethnic polarization and tribal violence that has killed tens of thousands of people.

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rezen Sep 20, 2017 at 6:56 am

Classical Tragedy: “At least 25 killed in fresh clashes in South Sudan” by XINHUA, Sep 19, 2017

Commentary, 19 Sept 2017
Once upon a time, a long time ago, I took a compulsory University course called “Humanities”. With the passage of time I can be frank: I never understood the subject matter but I passed by hairline and got a piece of paper, which I displayed it with artificial pride!!! But I am dangerously, and stupidly, digressing.

What I want to say is this (without deeply understanding it): We are seeing TRAGEDY of HUMANITIES — something that could be avoided but by some mysterious phenomenon we AFRICANS are incapable of avoiding what is harmful to us!!! Take the example of South Sudan.

The South Sudan people fought for some forty years to get what they memorized from their Leaders: FREEDOM, LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, RICHNESS. They gave their only possession i.e. THEIR LIFE for a windy dream that they they never had control over their Life. They were possessed like robots by smart-alecks. They don’t even have indigenous name — just a geographical coordinates >>> south of Sudan. Amazing, People without traceable indigenous name!

Be that as it may, the Good People of South Sudan were told that they got their INDEPENDENCE and festivity was arranged to celebrate whatever it was that the Dictators want them to celebrate about i.e jump and dance without limit. It was over in three years time.

In three years time, their Leaders fought among themselves for POWER and MONEY. Back to another WAR — this time among themselves. This time, with the Liberty, freedom, independence to kill each other comes the need to be REFUGEES out from their “Liberated” country to any place on Earth that they can find, far, far away from their “cursed” birth place. It is a phenomenon.

It may be the story of one African country but in TRUTH it is the broad Story of the entire AFRICAN PEOPLE, without exception. It seems we are what we are: destined to be unhappy, miserable and manipulated by sleek colonial powers in cooperation with individual African Dictators (everlastingly hungry for money and power) without a shred of concern for their African brethren.

And so, the mystery of Africa goes on, and on, and on until the African Continent is completely overtaken by new sophisticated colonial forces, with all the consequence that comes with it. Once more, Africans will be relegated to slavery in their own HOME >>> this time with the conniving cooperation of individual African Dictators. The Modern, Highly Educated, Intellectual Africans with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees are also not out of the hook. Unbelievable as it may be, they are incapable of getting together and tackle the problem of their Africa. They simply can’t. Shocking as it may seem, they need foreign powers to work with them and guide them, regardless of their “Dr.” prefix with their names!!! THE END

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