Uganda bans TV, radio coverage in parliament after brawl

KAMPALA – The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has banned TV and radio stations from relaying live parliamentary proceedings following broadcasts of MPs brawling over a proposed bill on presidential age limits, Kenya’s Daily Nation reported on Thursday.

“The commission hereby directs all broadcasters to immediately stop and refrain from broadcasting live feeds which are in breach of the minimum broadcasting standards and the best practice guidelines for electronic media coverage/ reporting and broadcasting of live events,” said UCC head Godfrey Mutabazi.

For two days in a row several Ugandan MPs threw punches and chairs in parliament over the impending scrapping of Article 102 (b) from Uganda’s constitution that bars people who are above 75 years from contesting for the presidency.

Live footage showed several opposition members of parliament being physically manhandled and dragged out of the building by plainclothes security officers.

The leader of the opposition led a walk out with her members in tow after complaining that special forces had been used to evict opposition members.

Many see the motion, which passed on Wednesday, as an attempt to allow President Yoweri Museveni, who is 73 and who has been in power for 31 years, to stand again in the 2021 elections.

In the days preceding the passing of the motion, stormy debates erupted between MPs supporting the bill and those opposing it, leading to the house speaker having to postpone the debate after failing to impose order.

All of the violence and disruption was relayed live until the UCC ordered all broadcasters to stop live feeds, insisting they were “inciting the public, discriminating, stirring up hatred, promoting a culture of violence amongst the viewers and were likely to create public insecurity or violence”.

The parliamentary violence followed street clashes last week between Ugandan security forces – which were placed on high alert and deployed outside parliament and in Kampala city centre – and opposition activists and university students, leading to several arrests.

Ugandan police also raided several NGOs in the capital and confiscated equipment after they were accused by Kampala of supporting protests – leading to a war of words between the US Embassy and a presidential spokesman.

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rezen Sep 28, 2017 at 5:03 pm

Subject: “Uganda bans TV, radio coverage in parliament after brawl”, by African News Agency, Sep
28, 2017

Commentary Without a Surprise, 28 Sept 2017
What a revealing gem of a Photo!!!! My African Bothers; impeccably attired Members of Parliaments; brawling right in the sacred Parliament Chamber of the Republic of Uganda !!! A few are seen laughing!!!!

And the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has its share of fighting too! QUOTE: “banned TV and radio stations from relaying live parliamentary proceedings following broadcasts of MPs brawling over a proposed bill on presidential age limits, Kenya’s Daily Nation reported on Thursday.” UNQUOTE.

Adio! to democracy, to liberty, to freedom of expression and, in totality, to civilized mannerism and Life.
But WE AFRICANS have ‘legitimate’ excuses!!! We are expert in COPYING blindly what others do [including the entire system of the so-called MODERN Education] without the slightest effort to examine, to analyze, to question, to ponder …….. And so, our Brothers in the dignified Ugandan Parliament were only following, religiously, what others did in our Global world. We are good at COPYING but clumsy at it!!! Is there anything that we can do RIGHT, based on our own analysis and intellect? The answer is glaring and obvious.

As to the Leader of Uganda who – let History record — is the basic cause of the disturbance and ugly display of shameful act. The self-anointed President will keep on forging ahead with his intention of being Absolute Dictator and MASTER of each and every Ugandan until the final second of his Life. For such a crime, there are innocent blind followers who would give their Life for their master idol without the slightest doubt. It is NOT a new phenomenon of history.

It is also NOT a strange phenomenon for the African Union, African IGAD, African ECOS, African MECOS, African TRECOS….. to just be silent in their respective ‘rat-holes.’

What is then remaining for the Ugandan people – and indeed for the entire Dark Continent of Africa – is to: CRY, TO THE LAST DROP OF OUR TEARS.

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