World Food Programme cuts rations for refugees in Kenya

NAIROBI – The U.N. World Food Programme is cutting food rations by 30 percent for more than 400,000 refugees living in camps in Kenya due to insufficient funding, it said on Monday.

Dadaab and Kakuma camps in Kenya are primarily home to refugees from neighboring Somalia and South Sudan, both ravaged by wars that have forced millions of people to flee.

The World Food Programme said it needed $28.5 million to cover the food assistance needs of the 420,000 refugees living in the camps for the next six months.

“An abrupt halt to food assistance would be devastating for the refugees, most of whom rely fully on WFP for their daily meals,” said Annalisa Conte, the top WFP official in Kenya.

The funding shortfall comes six months after the United Nations warned that the world was facing its greatest humanitarian disaster since World War Two because of the threat of famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen. It said in March that 20 million people risked starvation in what it called largely man-made hunger crises in addition to drought.

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network said in a report last month that risk of famine persists in parts of Somalia due to the extended drought and disease outbreaks.

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rezen Oct 3, 2017 at 3:47 am

Subject: “World Food Programme cuts rations for refugees in Kenya”, by Reuters, Oct 2, 2017

Commentary, 2 Oct 2017 QUOTE: ”NAIROBI – The U.N. World Food Programme is cutting food rations by 30 percent for more than 400,000 refugees living in camps in Kenya due to insufficient funding, it said on Monday.” UNQUOTE

One gets the feeling that the “feeding of African Refugees” within Africa, by International Organizations, as a PERMANENT feature of Africans i.e. permanency of African beggars.

Why is it that international organizations do not talk about “SOLUTIONS” to the fundamental African problems rather than to make a PROFESSION out of POVERTY. It seems to be cruel – and even sinful act in the eyes of the Almighty God, way, way above in comfortable Heaven.

It sounds a joke. But it isn’t. Millions of Africans are roaming around the Globe in search for a few crumbs of bread. Turn on your TV sets, in the comfort of your dwellings. They are helpless; they need help to stand on their own feet and be ‘respectable’ members of human societies. Instead, they are treated worse than animals. In fact, in some part of affluent society the Life of an ‘animal’ is much more precious and assured longevity much, much, much more than an African who lost his/her humanity.

So, what are the International Organizations doing to make the AFRICAN PEOPLE stand on their own feet to be responsible for themselves, by themselves. The honest answer to such a frank-foolish question is really simple and accurate. The responsibility squarely rests upon the African People to help themselves – NOT to be permanent beggars looking at the international organizations for handouts.
Now, can anyone imagine the people of the United Kingdom, or the Republic of France, or Italy, or Portugal, or any European country begging Africa for food??? To ask such a question, is simply preposterous, lunatic, idiot, foolish and, above all, insulting to the dignity of the civilized Europe — BUT NOT TO THE PEOPLE OF THE DARK CONTINENT of AFRICA!!! What a justice!!!

And so, the good innocent people of Africa would continue to be looked at as inferior species, not worthy of any special consideration as human beings. It is very cruel to say so in those stark words, but the REALITY of FACTS on the ground is a forceful, glaring, daily testimony of that INJUSTICE, perpetrated against the Black RACE around the Globe.

WARNING: Saying the above is NOT to absolve the crime being perpetrated upon the African people by African Dictators and the deliberate ‘blind eyes and deaf ears’ given by African Intellectuals to their African ‘flesh and blood’. It is a monumental crime, way above any other crimes perpetrated by other entities (who, in any case. were openly set-up to enslave Africa)

Conclusion: As long as WE AFRICANS continue to DEMEAN ourselves by ourselves, the symbol of Africans as beggar-species will remain intact for ever and ever. THE END

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