Heavy fighting resumes in Pagak, South Sudan

By Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA – Heavy fighting has erupted between South Sudanese army (SPLA) and the opposition forces of the SPLA-IO in Pagak area near the border with Ethiopia.

Quoted by Tamazuj Radio, Bol Ruach Rom, the government-appointed governor of Maiwut State, said the clashes occurred when SPLA-IO forces attacked government troops in their defensive positions on Monday morning.

“Yesterday morning around 6: 09 am, our forces came under heavy fire from the armed groups under Machar but they were repulsed back. They came from the eastern part of Pagak town,” he was quoted by Tamazuj

He said government forces had inflicted heavy losses on rebel forces. The fighting lasted for 18 minutes only.

One soldier was killed and two others wounded from their side during the clashes. However, Governor Bol said that calm has returned to the town of Pagak.

Rebel deputy spokesman Lam Paul Gabriel confirmed that clashes erupted on Monday morning in an attempt to regain Pagak.

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rezen Oct 11, 2017 at 12:48 am

Subject: “Heavy fighting resumes in Pagak, South Sudan”, Oct 10, 2017

Commentary, 10 Oct 2017
“HEAVY FIGHTING RESUMES” >>>what is new? After all, we are talking about ourselves — OUR DEAR AFRICA.

We, AFRICANS, seem to be the BEST in self-destruction. Hence, the consequential negative attitude of the world at large and flocking into AFRICA with voracious appetite for natural resources and earthly paradise with indigenous SLAVES, for dirty menial jobs, for peanut handouts, to make them smile and happy to fight among themselves and liquidating themselves — or wasting themselves being despicable refugees around the Globe. WOW! WOW! WOW! That is 65-word sentence to a full stop!!! Even Hemingway can’t match that feat!!!!!!!!

Anyway, WE AFRICANS ARE WHAT WE ARE — IT IS OUR CHOICE. WE MAY DISPLAY TANTRUM DAY AND NIGHT, BUT THE GLARING FACTS ON THE GROUND REMAIN THE WAY THEY ARE FOR CENTURIES. Perhaps, one Bright DAY, the Highly Educated Africans, with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees, from Ivy League Universities in the Western Colonial Countries WILL COME TO THE RESCUE OF THEIR BELOVED AFRICA — AND SHOW US THE WAY TO PARADISE. I can’t help being cynical: that would be the miraculous day when snow falls upon paradise Africa. Perhaps, that is not a good example, thinking of snow lovers flocking to Africa in mass!!! OH DEAR AFRICA, NATURE IS YOUR ENEMY FOR MAKING YOU THE MOST ATTRACTIVE LAND. THE END.

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