Uganda’s medical workers to begin strike in November

BY Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA: Medical workers in Uganda have voted to go on strike beginning November 6, if government does not increase their salaries.

At a meeting held in Kampala Tuesday in Kampala doctors also voted to adopt a new proposed salary and allowances structure for all medical workers.

Dr Ekwaro Obuku, the President of Uganda Medical Association which unites medical workers asked doctors to vote for the call industrial actions before the meeting unanimously agreed to his appeal.

“We have waited since 1996 and that is why we are saying enough is enough…it is not yet Uhuru (financial Independence) for medical doctors. So those who don’t want the strike should just enter their vehicles and drive away,” Dr Obuku said.

The doctors want government to review their monthly salaries which will see an intern doctor earn Shs8.5million from the current shs960, 000 before tax.

They also want a medical officer or a teaching assistant at Uganda’s medical school at the National Referral, Mulago to be paid shs15million and also given a two- bedroomed -house and a 2.5cc vehicle.

They also demand that a senior consultant doctor or a Professor be paid a gross salary of Shs35m minus allowances and five- bedroom house, 4.0cc vehicle and   three domestic workers.

Currently, a senior consultant doctor earns about Shs3.4million, consultant 2.6m and a Medical officer gets 1.1million as a monthly salary.

The doctors also want the salaries for nurses and midwives enhanced to about 6.5million besides a 3 bedroomed house, 2.0cc vehicle and one domestic worker.

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rezen Oct 11, 2017 at 2:07 am

Subject: “Uganda’s medical workers to begin strike in November” Oct 10, 2017

Commentar, 10 Oct 2017
Strike: On 6 Nov 2017, after thirty-days of notice to the Dictator
Let us be realistic:
1. Uganda is ruled by a ruthless Dictator
2. No Activity of real danger to the Dictator is permitted in any dictatorial country
3. No gesture of free-speech or independent action is tolerated by Dictators
4. Dictators can appear to be tolerant to “free speech/action’ ONLY to weed out ‘instigators’
5. Dictators NEVER tolerate individual initiative that appears to challenge their powers [*]
6. The Photo of Ugandan Medical Employees marching along peacefully, in meticulous uniform, is only a deception, permitted (and even initiated) by absolute Dictator to deceive the people. It is an old worn-out trick.
7. Dictators will never permit a trace of defiance , under any circumstance, that would influence subsequent challenges from the public.
8. It is also NOT a strange phenomenon that “respectable” individuals, appearing to be the Leaders of demonstrations [of any kind] are ACTUALLY — or used as — in tune with , and working for, Dictators!!! 9. MONEY and POWER are the two blinding forces that drive mortal individuals to great length beyond their “normal” beings.
10. Coming back to our Dear Ugandan medical employees, I wish them good luck in their honest endeavour to ask for normal, reasonable salaries. In that process, I pray they will not turn out to be a tool of ruthless Dictator who has already proved (beyond the shadow of doubt) his ruthlessness.[**]
[*] There are multiple examples Africa where individuals dispear for being ‘independent’
{**] Don’t forget: The President has given his ‘fatherly’ advice that anybody, or groups of individuals, who disagree with HIM can go to the jungle and start liberation movement to liberate their mode of Uganda. NO one can truly accuse His Imperial Majesty, President for Life, of being UNCLEAR in his warning.

rezen Oct 11, 2017 at 2:24 am

Corrections: Footnotes
[*] First line: Please
insert “in” between ‘example’ and ‘Africa’
correct “dispear” to read “disappear”

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