Kenya parliament passes controversial election law amendment

by Reuters

Kenyan parliament

NAIROBI – The Kenyan parliament passed an amendment on Wednesday to the country’s election laws, saying that if one candidate withdraws from a repeat presidential election, the other one would automatically win.

The amendment was heavily criticised by the opposition, whose legislators boycotted the vote.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga withdrew from a repeat presidential vote scheduled for 26 October on Tuesday, citing concerns over fairness and transparency. The law must now be signed by the president.


  1. Subject: “Kenya parliament passes controversial election law amendment” by Reuters, Oct 11, 2017

    Commentary, 11 Oct 2017
    FOREBODING: “an omen, prediction, or presentiment esp. of coming evil ” Merriam Webster’s Dictionary.
    It is most unfortunate that Kenya is heading into that direction. Let us summarize the events, leading to disaster.
    1st. The election for President was found to be fraud; hence annulled by duly appointed Kenyan Judges.
    2nd. The incumbent President discredited the Judges but had no choice but to accept the judgment.
    3rd. It was agreed to have a re- election at the end of this month (October)
    4th. The Opposition Party claimed to have found so many hidden rotten ‘apples’; hence, the Opposition Leader declared that he would not participate in the re-election process. It is face saving, by the way — not being sure of the outcome of the re-election!!!
    5th. The Parliament discussed the issue and the incumbent majority proposed to amend the constitution [or what ever it may be called] giving the right of the incumbent President to continue being President if the Opposition Party Leader refuses to participate in the re-election.
    6th. The Opposition Party walk out from Parliament.
    7th. The incumbent party and their President were delighted, without restraint, and passed the Resolution in the absence of Opposition. It was a delight — a free gift from the Opposition.

    Now, where do we go from here? Any body’s guess is as good as the next opinion. But there is no doubt, KENYA is heading to disaster. Africa, in totality, has yet to come out from its inherent diseases of RELIGION, REGION, TRIBAL AFFINITY, RACIAL CONTAGIOUS DISEASE and, of course, the celebrated hunger of individual African SELF-APPOINTED DICTATORS for POWER AND MONEY. For that goal, they will sacrifice their respective dominions, including the hapless people there-in.

    The beautiful and expensive Parliament buildings are only ORNAMENT [and hidden routes for hungry Dictators for money, money and money] while the poor people of Africa exist in poverty, in destitution, in hunger, in search for crumb pieces of bread any where around the Globe. Black Africans have permanent image of destitution STAMPED all over their faces by the negative attitude of the rest of the WORLD. THE END

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