Odinga believes he could win Kenyan elections

NAIROBI – Kenya’s opposition leader, Raila Odinga believes he’ll be the country’s next president if elections are free and fair.

He was speaking in London after two protesters were shot dead by Kenyan police in his hometown of Bondo.

Odinga said he’s not calling for rallies against the election re-run.

He said Kenyans are choosing to protest against the dictatorship creeping into their lives.

Odinga has pulled out of the upcoming election this month.

He believes his withdrawal triggers a cancellation of the poll.

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rezen Oct 14, 2017 at 7:35 pm

Subject: “Odinga believes he could win Kenyan elections” by eNCA, Oct 14, 2017

Commentary, 14 Oct. 2017

Let’s repeat: “”Odinga believes he could win Kenyan elections”. The African proverb is much more elegant and convincing >>> ‘I have a cow in the sky, and I wold be enriched by its milk’

Africans are full of wisdom but their vision was criminally distorted by hundred years of colonialism through the instrument of the insidious demeaning and arresting the MIND of the AFRICAN i.e. “MODERN” Education. It is my pet subject. Every day, I see and hear of examples to prove that colonialism has done irreparable damage over the AFRICAN RACE.

Let’s go back to the Kenyan Election. Look at the action of the two protagonists. Their ‘distorted mind thinking’ is simple: EITHER ME OR NOBODY–LET THE COUNTRY GO TO HELL!! Again our ancient African proverb goes as follows, referring to the MENTALITY OF A DONKEY >>>: “IF I DIE, LET THE GRASS NEVER GROW.

Dear Readers: Do yourself a favour. Just take time to think about your FREE ancestors and ponder over THEIR INDIGENOUS PHILOSOPHY [YES! PHILOSOPHY] in the form of proverbs. Fundamentally, you will be EDUCATED much more than the evil, corrupt, education that you were subjected to, before your MIND was psychologically arrested and locked by inferiority complex. SEALED! Just look around your periphery and judge for your self.

Back to the Kenyan Election, again. Look at the two protagonists. What do you think they are doing? Aren’t they being the ‘classical’ “donkey” >>> EITHER ME OR NOTHING; AND LET THE COUNTRY NEVER EXIST!!! The instrument of hypnotizing the poor, the innocent, the blind believer population of Africa are played over, and over, in Africa by African criminal Dictators. Examples are so numerous to list them here. The poor African population — INCLUDING HIGHLY MODERN EDUCATED, WITH PH D DEGREES, from IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES of the WESTERN WORLD — have been manipulated by illiterate sleek hoodlums as well as charlatans of university graduates [all self-appointed leaders]. But the ordinary AFRICAN never learns; hence becomes the eternal instrument of CRIMINALS.

Once again to Kenya: Setting all the above aside, the good-hearted and hospitable, gracious people of Kenya deserve our BEST WISHES — having nothing else to say or come to their rescue.


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