Uganda: Clinical officer arrested for selling HIV drugs

BY Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA – Police in Uganda are holding a clinical officerI for allegedly extorting money from an HIV patient.

Mr Marino Oyar was arrested on Wednesday in the northern district of Apac after he allegedly demanded for Shs100, 000 from an HIV patient as a bribe to allow him get treatment yet medication is supposed to be free at the government facilities.

The acting Apac District Police Commander, Mr Kalifani Chemutai, confirmed the arrest and said the suspect had been charged with abuse of office.

The Clinical Officer would be used for buying the patient’s “immune booster” from his private clinic, according to Mr Silvesto Okello, an Independent Budget Monitor (IBM) of the Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition.

“When he (the patient) explained this to me, I reported the matter to Akokoro Police post and we were advised to set up a trap,” Mr Okello said on phone on Friday. “So, we photocopied fifty thousand shillings note and sent a woman called Milly Amodo to deliver it to him.”

The woman, who posed as the patient’s daughter, found the suspect at the Out Patient Department (OPD) dispensing drugs to other patients, where she delivered the money to him.

“Immediately the police stormed the facility, conducted body search of the suspect and found Shs50, 000 in his pocket,” Mr Okello added.

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rezen Oct 15, 2017 at 9:06 pm

Subject: “Uganda: Clinical officer arrested for selling HIV drugs” Oct 15, 2017

Commentary, 15 Oct 2017
“…arrested for selling HIV drugs” It goes with the ‘climate’ of the territory. When an ENTIRE country belongs to ONE mortal dictator, any thing goes with immunity. The critical point is in the “HANDSHAKE”. And the language of the communication is MONEY & POWER. Hence, a raid of the place is the perfect language of communication, without any misunderstanding.

Poor Uganda, Poor Africa >>> THE PLAY GROUND of the POWERFUL, while the destitute Africans roam around the globe, begging for crumbs of dry breads or left over of the wealthy out of garbage locations. They are Africans >>> OUR BRETHREN BLOOD AND FLESH. Yet, we are comfortable in Western Countries as well as even in POOR countries who detest the sight of BLACK people, without even the slightest pretension !!! That is the lowest we can go above the burial ground. Perhaps, one day, the Western Educated African Elites will wake-up, get together miraculously, and SAVE US ALL. The only snag with that naive HOPE is that, by then, we may not be around to be saved!!!!

AFRICA may be destined as a classical example of TRAGEDY, for Mankind’s History, which cannot extricate itself out of its own misery, though fully aware of it!!! THE END

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