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Oppressed Ugandan opposition irked by police directive over presidential age limit

Timothy Sibasi,

KAMPALA – As the Opposition in Uganda ponders to drug the Director for Special Operations at Uganda police Asuman Mugenyi to the International Criminal Court, for accepting to implement unlawful orders in which scores of Ugandans were brutally assaulted by happy trigger plain and uniformed clothed security operatives at the sideways of the capital Kampala, where opposition MPs had converged to consult with the people on the controversial removal of the 75  presidential age limit from the 1995 Uganda Constitution.

In what turned out to be bloody scenes of flying canIstars of tear gas and rubber bullets directed at constituent members at the side ways of a Kampala suburb where many were brutally assaulted; lines have been drawn between the antis and proponents of the controversial removal of the presidential age limit, drugging the police at the center of being used to act in a partisan manner contrary to its constitutional mandated obligations of keeping law and order.

In a smoky condemnation of the manner in which the police dispersed the gathering, the Director of Special Operations at the Uganda Police force one Asuman Mugenyi, his name has featured for all the bad brutality acts that occurred under his directives.

Speaking at a media briefing at the Uganda Parliament the leader of the Opposition in the Uganda Parliament, Winnie Kiiza revealed that the opposition is pondering remeadies with its lawyers to have Asuman

Uganda Police operatives’ tear gas crowds to arrest key opposition planners of anti-presidential age limit consultations removal from the constitution.

Auman is being accused of issuing a circular letter directing police operatives not to allow any opposition MP to consult with the people outside his or her constituency; this to the leader of the opposition in the Ugandan Parliament Winnie Kiiza is outrageous and unconstitutional. She stressed that no opposition MPs is going to abide by the directive. Kiiza stated that the opposition is going to continue with its scheduled program of traversing the entire country consulting the people to desist any attempt to remove the constitutionally mandated 75 years of a Ugandan president from the constitution.

Mugenyi’s circular directive is faulted on account of misinterpreting the public order management Act, which only caters for a deadline time frame of 5:00pm to stop a public rally; Winnie Kiiza described the misinterpretation of the law by police as “stupid and stupidity of untold magnitude”.

“Asumanimugenyi should no that is a candidate of ICC for implementing unlawful orders in which civilians were brutally assaulted”. Says Winnie Kiiza Leader of Opposition in Uganda’s Parliament

The police act in which civilians were brutally assaulted, has not allow cursed the image of Uganda police in bad light of being a partisan force, but also has placed the image of the speaker of the Ugandan Parliament and her powers as the custodian of the Parliamentary rules of procedure in doubt to defend.

“This also goes to the speaker of parliament who directed mps to go and consult on a matter of national importance and now are being blocked and arrested by police to act”. Says the opposition leader in Parliament Winnie Kiiza

The opposition claims that there’s no equivocal political cohesion metted on them indirectly by the ruling NRM regime using police that will divert or sway them away from perusing their agenda.

“No amount of tear gas and bullets will deter Mps from exercizing their constitutional mandate.” Says Winnie Kiiza

If police thinks is going to implement M7’s partisan policies from their constitutional mandate then their mistaken.

The opposition MPs claimed that there not about to pushed to begin going to do laws that target individuals, if the majority NRM MPs in the house thinks they are going to do laws favoring individuals, and then they are mistaken.

“We shall continue to consult Ugandans whether there’s tear gas…Ugandans will continue to know that the law is not about Museveni but for Uganda.” Says Kiiza.

The leader of opposition Winnie Kiiza consulting the crowd before trigger happy police operatives swung into action to disperse them.

In this political tilt in Uganda where roads have been crossed between the Opposition and the ruling NRM MPs, tensions are also piling from the electorates who feel that police that is expected to tore nutral lines is actual playing partisan lines.

But the partisan character behavior of the police force is not a matter that opposition legislators want to go unchecked.

“We’re now going to concentrate on cutting on the police budget if that’s the way they are going to keep on miss using their budget.” Kiiza emphasized

Does Public Order Management Act in Uganda, deserve right interpretation by enforcers of the law?

The Shadow Minister of Internal Affairs of the alternative government in the Ugandan Parliament, MuhammedMuwangaKivumbi says,” the Public order management act we know the act is a bad law but we appeal to the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura to follow what the law says.”

Tear gas canister thrown and explodes amidst angry anti-presidential age limit deletion from the constitution.

“U cannot fight an idea whose time has come.” Kivumbi noted

Kivumbi also revealed that “The wind of change has come and is a nuclear apparatus.”

The opposition in Uganda is convinced beyond reasonable doubts that president Museveni, right now is the biggest liability of the country’s security.

“We demand the security apparatus of this country to inform the president formerly or informally.” Says MuhammedKivumbi

In what is envisaged to an twist in the turning point of the resilience of the ruling NRM party to have the presidential age limit removed to allow the incumbent Museveni lead Ugandans until cows return is the police brutality act on Tuesday this week.

“What was done yesterday was to lay a basis of this later. NRM MPs have intimated to us that the project has been rejected by the people….this is common across the country…the product called Museveni is unmarketable.” Says MuhammedKivumbi

Despite the unconstitutional military directive to the police to bar the opposition MPs from consulting their constituents, the opposition is considering legal options to stuckdown the police unconstitutional directives.

“We’re going to court to quash this police order reflected in this letter, its unconstitutional.” Kivumbi reveals

The showdown Minister for Human Rights, Mosese Kasibante described the scenes as usual characteristics of a militaristic regime, “what is happening a coup deter that has just happened. What we’re doing is a parliamentary over sight role. We are implementing the directive of the speaker. What is happening is that police has hijacked the powers of the speaker in a coup deter and now police is now up to guide a parliamentary process.”

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