Ugandan opposition leader arrested, faces charges

By Timothy Sibasi,

KABALE, Uganda – Former FDC President Kizza Besigye has been arrested and detained in Kabale over the chaos that broke out in Rukungiri in which Police clashed with his supporters.

One person is said to have been shot dead and many others left injured.

Besigye was intercepted on Thursday afternoon while traveling from Rukungiri to Kabale town where he was slated to appear at a rally for FDC Presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat.

He was arrested along with FDC mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe and Amuriat and police say the three will face charges including commanding the stoning of police officers in Rukungiri, unlawful assembly, and injuring police officers.

Police spokesperson for the Kigezi Region Elly Matte told journalists that Besigye will be held responsible for the acts of violence that rocked Rukungiri town. They face in excess of seven charges, he said.

“They must be charged accordigly. The charges that they will face include; unlawful assembly, murder, attempted murder, assaulting police officers while on duty, inciting violence, malicious damage to property, unlawful procession among others,” Matte said.

This moments after the incident in Rukungiri, Matte said that the organizers of the event would be summoned and held accountable for the damage caused.

He stated that the Public Order Management Act (POMA) provides that in case of any shortcomings during a public event, the event organizer will be held responsible.

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rezen Oct 19, 2017 at 10:01 pm

Subject: “Ugandan opposition leader arrested, faces charges”, By Timothy Sibasi, Oct 19, 2017

Commentary, 19 Oct 2017
In the private domain of self-appointed, Dictator for Life, anything, everything and everybody is scrutinized. The Dictator live a Life of suspicion on everything that crawls on the surface of the Earth. The absolute Dictator is the absolute owner of the Land & any crawling creatures thereon is an enemy. It is a natural attitude of Dictators around the Globe, ever since ‘crawling/walking’ creatures came to mushroom!!!

The above may sound as a consolation to the African Dictators (based on their mentality)!!! OH! Lord! NO, NO, NO. The African dictators are, on their own level, the most savage criminals on Earth. Crime is a crime. The African Dictators– fifty-one of them(51) out of fifty-four (54) Head of States — are criminals by any Global standard. Africans, in various area of Africa, were slaves to European colonial masters for centuries, but only to be replaced by indigenous, hungry, savage dictators!!!
By the way, it is also an acknowledged fact that Africa would also have another experience from far away, shrewd and disciplined colonial master, hungry for space, for its ever growing population and natural mineral resources. African Dictators will welcome it — provided their ‘share’ is elevated and assured.
Poor African People are destined to be SLAVES of All. Prove it, otherwise — without tantrum.

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