Ugandan MP fined 40,000 for urinating in public

BY Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA –  A court in Kampala has fined Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, Mr Ibraham Abiriga Shs40,000 for urinating in public and engaging in a public nuisance.

Mr Abiriga on Tuesday appeared before the Kampala City Hall Court and was charged for urinating on the Ministry of finance wall fence.

The MP who recently headlines in the newspapers for openly supporting the removal of the 75-age limit cap to allow President Museveni again in 2021 pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay a fine failure of which would mean he spends two weeks in jail.

He was released after paying the fine.

Prosecution told court that on September 25, 2017 on Kyaggwe Road in Kampala city, Mr Abiriga urinated on the wall fence of the Ministry of Finance.

According to the prosecution, Mr Abiriga’s act is against Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) maintenance law and order ordinance, 2016.

Abiriga has previously defended his act, saying he didn’t want to “wet his trousers because he was dying”.

 KCCA Maintenance Law and Order Ordinance 2016 states that if any person is found guilty of easing in the city, commits a public nuisance offence and is fined Sh40, 000 or imprisoned for two months or serve both sentences.

His confession came after several pictures of him urinating on the roadside went viral on social media platforms.

“I was badly off. Should I have kept urine on myself? What is the problem with that?” Mr Abiriga said.

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rezen Oct 24, 2017 at 8:09 pm

Subject: “Ugandan MP fined 40,000 for urinating in public”, BY Tom Mugisha, Oct 24, 2017

Commentary, 24 Oct 2017
First: Sincere Thanks goes to Tom Muisha for bringing the subject.

Second: The culprit should not have been reprimanded for relieving himself against a wall fence of Ministry of Finance. After all, what is so special about the ministry’s wall? Let us not deny, WE AFRICANS have that liberty, independence and freedom all the time, at all places, and at anytime.

I know of a similar case in another part of our DEAR FREE AFRICA. IT IS A TRUE STORY. It goes like this:
* A man was urinating against a wall in the middle of a town;
*A passerby was very furious and shouted at the man: “how could you urinate in the middle of the town, under a notice of THIS >>> pointing to a ‘urinating is forbidden’ sign!!!!!!!
* The man gave the best answer, he could think of:>>> he finished urinating in dignity and walked away in dignity, totally oblivion of what the man was talking about.

But then, DEAR AFRICAN READERS, compare the ‘urine’ story of the Member of Parliament with the following story and be a judge for yourself. It happened in the same country — perfect case for comparison. ‘It goes like this:
* A man stopped in the middle of a busy highway, unfolded his chair, made himself comfortable, crossed his legs, and started having conversion on his phone.
* For his safety, the highway was blocked both ways by his entourage who were at a safe distance so that they would not be able to hear the telephone conversation.
*At the end, the man was let go free without receiving a notice to pay — at the very least — forty-thousand Ugandan 40,000Sh (US11Dollar ) for blocking public highway.

Dear African Readers

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