Tanzania bans newspaper for 90 days

DAR ES SALAAM – The government of Tanzania has banned a swahili tabloid, Tanzania Daima for 90 days for allegedly publishing false information.

The ban was announced by the government spokesperson Dr Hassan Abbasi, who is also the director of Information Services.

“The government has banned Tanzania Daima from publication for continuously publish false information,” he posted on his Twitter account.

After announcing the ban, the Information Services department released a statement saying that the tabloid was banned for publishing “several stories with false information”.

The stories include one published on its Sunday edition on the number of Tanzanians on anti-retroviral drugs. The headline of the article stated that 67 per cent of Tanzanians are on ARVs.

The newspaper acting Editor Martin Malera told that the newspaper has received official communication from the government.

“We have received a letter at 3:36pm today informing us on the decision,” he said.

Tanzania Daima becomes the fourth local newspaper to be banned from publication this year.

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rezen Oct 25, 2017 at 9:45 pm

Subject: Tanzania bans newspaper for 90 days,, Oct 25, 2017

Commentary, 25 Oct 2017
Quote: “The government of Tanzania has banned a swahili tabloid, Tanzania Daima for 90 days for allegedly publishing false information.”Unquote

In Africa, liberty, independence, freedom of expression, justice, equality are just “WORDS” without any meaning. They are there just for convenience. African Leaders may have a Doctor of philosophy Degrees (Ph D) but it has been proved, over and over again, that it means NOTHING.

African people are destined to CRY for ever and ever — only to become a NORM. And Africa will always be exploited to its BONES by Colonial masters of the past and shrewd new extraordinary polite ‘suckers’ of the 21st Century.

The BLACK people of Africa will continue to be the polite, dedicated hard working SLAVES. THE END

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