Museveni responds to speaker over parliament raid complaint

By Timothy Sibasi,

KAMPALA – President Museveni has revealed in his counter response letter to the speaker of Parliament Rebbeca Kadaga to Ugandans and the donor community that the speaker of parliament solicited for support from his Special Elite Force, the Special Forces Command to ensure that the proceeding of parliament on September 27th, 2017 go a head without undue interruption.

President Museveni flips through the document.

“You communicated me vide Ref: AP/285/286/01 to the effect that considering the chaotic behavior and conduct of certain members of parliament regarding Constitutional Amendment Bill No. 13 of 2017, you needed my intervention as Commander in Chief to assist you with ensuring that the proceedings of Parliament go a head without undue intervention.”-says Museveni in his counter response letter.

The president’s response was in regard to a letter written by the speaker of Parliament to the president on Wednesday demanding for response from him to explain to her the identity of security operatives in black suits and white shirts who invaded Parliament on September 27, 2017 and roughed up MPs.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga speaks tough on invasion of parliament by suspected security operatives from the elite force of president Museveni.

According to Speaker Kadaga’s letter claims from the CCTV camera videos she had previewed, the security operatives who invaded parliament used the entrance from the office of the president to invade parliament.

Speaker Kadaga had also asked president Museveni to explain to her who was in command of the security operatives who invaded Parliament.

President Museveni in his counter response declined to reveal the identities of security operatives purported to have been members of his elite force as well as the commander of the security operatives who invaded parliament from the entrance of his office.

However, revealed that the Speaker of Parliament was part of the meeting of the members of the National Security Council that convened at state house to discuss possible interventions in terms of deployment plan, tactical units, command, formation and exit strategy.

The president’s response letter

“I had to prematurely leave the meeting because I was scheduled to travel to Brussels, Belgium the next day and so I left you in discussion with rest of the team.” Says Museveni.

In his counter response Museveni down plays Kadaga by referring her to the members whom she attended the meeting with to this conclusion for the answers to the questions she had raised to him.




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rezen Nov 4, 2017 at 10:08 pm

Subject: “Museveni responds to speaker over parliament raid complaint” By Timothy Sibasi, Nov 4, 2017

Commentary, 4 Oct. 2017
To be blunt, Museveni has the lowest opinion of the parliament and everything surrounding it.
Museveni is an absolute Dictator who raises himself above every Ugandan. He has the most degrading opinion upon the entire people of Uganda. History teaches us of such personalities around the Globe. And we don’t have to go too far to raise numerous examples of how simple mortals can go haywire to unbelievable level.

What is so unfailing however is that such demented personalities [absolute dictators] will come down to the level of being their OWN WORST ENEMY. By virtue of their belief of ‘superiority complex’ over the population, they see themselves free from human weakness and espouse the idea that they are UNIQUE and SPECIAL creature. That, of course, leads them to hallucination and madness, making them their own enemy and destroy themselves — but, sadly, at a colossal consequence and tragedy to the innocent population who would be forced to pay their dear Life.

The Day and Night may be long but eventually Museveni and his cohorts African Dictators will face their eternal HELL — one by one. THE END

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