Magufuli, Museveni lay ground for 1,445km oil pipeline

The 1,445-kilometre pipeline, planned to run from Hoima District in mid-western Uganda to Tanzania’s southern Tanga Port on the Indian Ocean coast is projected to cost at least $3.55b.

President Magufuli , who accompanied by his host Yoweri Museveni said the project should not take long to construct.

“Tanzania is security wise fine, and under my leadership I promise that we will never let you down.”

The launch of the pipeline

Uganda and Tanzania are expected are expected to meet 30 to 45 percent of the costs through their respective national oil companies, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation and Uganda National Oil Company (Unoc).

Tanzania also agreed to several concessions like waiving corporate tax and value-added tax (VAT) to reduce the cost of the project, depreciation tax holiday for 20 years and free (land) corridor, and acquisition of shares in the project.

The technical designs (Feed) for the pipeline, whose contract was awarded last December to US based Gulf Interstate Engineering with an eight months completion timeline, are said to be complete, according to French oil major Total E&P, the lead joint venture partner spearheading the project.

The Feed is expected to lead to Final Investment Decision (FID) early next year and subsequently the Engineering, Procurement and Construction phase. The actual start date of construction remains murky but officials say will create an estimated 10,000 jobs.

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rezen Nov 12, 2017 at 2:03 am

Subject: “Magufuli, Museveni lay ground for 1,445km oil pipeline” By Tom Mugisha, Nov 11, 2017

Commentary, 11 Nov 2017
“1,445km oil pipeline”!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! And here is the awesome declaration: Quote “The actual start date of construction remains murky but officials say will create an estimated 10,000 jobs.” Unquote Wow!

It doesn’t matter whether the project materializes or not. What matters most is the show — and of course the UNDERSTANDING BEHIND THE CURTAIN. A lot of handshakes, leading to prosperity, regardless whether the artificial promise of “10,000 jobs” materializes or not. It doesn’t matter.

The needs of the millions and millions of the population of the two countries are immaterial. The urgent necessity of the population of the two countries like FOOD, HEALTH & meaningful EDUCATION (1) are immaterial for self-appointed and glorified Dictators. What matters most is THEMSELVES — at any cost. The Life (actually the EXISTENCE) of the African people is a glaring daily testimony of the fact at hand.We cannot deny it. Africa is begging for Food; Africa is not Healthy; Africa is not ‘educated’.

The above factual nature of the African people begs (rightly) the following question: What are the highly educated African Intellectuals, holder of Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (Ph.D), from Ivy league Universities around the Globe are doing to help their own African people? NOTHING, is the honest, truth answer. Out of about thirty-thousand (30,000)African Intellectuals even fifty-four (54) — unbelievable as it may be –cannot get together for ‘brain storming’ sessions to shade light into the “DARK” Continent of their beloved Africa. It is NOT out of lack of desire to do so but out of honest INCAPABILITY to do so. They were never FUNDAMENTALLY educated to have analytical mind but to mimick [even to the highest degree] and display artificial posture. — and they are not even doing it [i.e.the mimicking] perfectly!!!. THE END
(1). The so-called education for the entire African People was NEVER designed to develop the analytical mind of the African Child. It was NEVER meant to make the African people mentally prepared to think, to judge, to determine on their own analytical mind. Instead, it was designed to arrest (to subjugate) the African MIND deeply into mimicking level and blindly being loyal slave to the MASTER RACE — mimicking every aspect of the Master’s way of Life. It is far beyond the colonization of the Land but the total arresting of the Mind of the African Child. In that sense, ONCE AGAIN, the criminal act by the Colonizers in Africa was not a temporary design for land but a permanent policy feature to subjugate people not only physically but also MENTALLY. THAT IS THE GREATEST CRIME IN HUMAN HISTORY

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