Court in Uganda remands man claiming to be Jesus Christ

BY Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA –  A court in Uganda has remanded a man for allegedly calling himself Jesus Christ and holding unlawful assembly.

The Chief Magistrate’s Court in Luwero Juliet Hatanga remanded Solomon Ssemakula alias Jesus Christ on November 9 until November 22.

“Jesus Christ”, according to Hatangaa held unlawful assembly  contrary to section 56 (1) and 2 (a) of the Penal code Act while at the same time managing an unlawful Society contrary to section 57 of the Penal Code Act.

The blasphemous man had been arrested last year on for the same charges but jumped bail and had been on the run.

It had emerged that he had denounced the title of ‘Jesus Christ’ and disbanded his cult in Nakaseke District in August 2016, but upon his arrest this week in Luweero district, he was still carrying the same title.

He was arrested with three of his followers who were also remanded with him to Butuntumula Government Prison.

Like their leader, the co-accused refused to reveal their true identities preferring to be called Femera Shanita, Zomonu Parusha Zanoni and Nuseni Dawunini, the names they claim are prophetic.

They were denied bail after they told court that they had no relatives who would stand surety and to enable them secure bail.

Particulars of the case reveal that Joshua alias ‘Jesus Christ’, Femera Shanita, Zomunu Parusha and Nuseni Dawunini and others still at large between the month of August and October 2017 held and convened unlawful society at Butalyamisana village in Bamunanika Subcounty in Luweero District.

They allegedly claimed that they are not subject to any Worldly authority including the police, local Council administration and the President of Uganda posing a threat and inciting to interfere with or resisting to submit to the laws of the land and Uganda.

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rezen Nov 13, 2017 at 12:37 am

Subject: “Court in Uganda remands man claiming to be Jesus Christ BY Tom Mugisha, Nov 12, 2017

Commentary, 12 Nov 2017 First of all, let us be clear on one practical fact: “Court in Uganda” (like any other infrastructure) is nothing more than a private entity of the OWNER of the land mass called UGANDA, including the human creatures crawling thereupon. As such, any movement — frivolous as they may be — are viewed as catalyst for serious movement affecting the ownership of the land and the slaves thereon. It is, therefore, a cardinal rule of Dictators that any movement should be wiped out immediately.

With the above back ground, the story in the article follows the logic of Dictators. The atmosphere under Dictatorship of the private land mass is loaded with suspicion and fear. Hence, innocent names like Iyesus, Yesus, Vesus, Chiristos, Miristos, Neftos etc are under the category of suspicious elements. In the dictionary of Dictators , it is classified as ‘WARNING LEVEL C ”

The Dictators of Africa — for that matter, ALL Dictators around the Globe — are exactly the same. They are constantly on FEAR ALERT. As the common saying goes: a Dictator has twelve bed rooms at different dwellings. They don’t even trust their spouses who solemnly swear to take, to love, to ……………………never mind! Dictators are born liars. And (unbelievable as it may seem) they are also cowered. But, they are gifted in using people to kill each other and to use them as liquidators of their perceived enemies. It is a strange phenomenon.

Do you remember Gadaffi and Sadam Hussien who were found hiding in a gutter along highway and in underground hole , respectively, like a couple of despicable rats!!! African Dictators (those we see attired in formal diplomatic clothing, driven by chauffeurs in Cadillac) will not be different than the two rats named Gadaffi and Hussien.

The means and mode may change but the pathetic end of Dictators will always be the same. In the END, long as it may be (after horrendous sacrifice by ordinary people) JUSTICE will prevail. It seems to be the cardinal LAW of Nature. THE END

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