Kenya top court hears bid to annul re-run poll

Kenya's Attorney General Githu Muigai is fighting to make sure that the president's victory is not annulled a second time

NAIROBI – Kenya’s Supreme Court has begun hearing three petitions challenging last month’s presidential election re-run, won by the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta with 98% of the vote.

The court annulled the first presidential election in August, saying there were irregularities.

Mr Kenyatta won the re-run, after his main challenger, Raila Odinga, called on his supporters to boycott the vote.

Two of the legal cases ask the court to nullify Mr Kenyatta’s victory on the grounds that the electoral body failed to call for fresh presidential nominations for the re-run.

The third is seeking to sanction opposition leaders for the civil unrest surrounding the elections.


  1. Subject: “Kenya top court hears bid to annul re-run poll” Nov 14, 2017

    Commentary, 14 Nov 2017
    Let the Kenya’s Supreme Court satisfy their conscious for their own history. The reality of present day of Kenya will remain the same — stagnant with dictatorial leadership. And it is the same throughout the “DARK” Continent of Africa. IT IS OUR HISTORY, and OUR CONDUIT TO THE SAME STINKING FOUL of ATMOSPHERE. WE CANNOT HELP IT. THE DAMAGE HAS PENETRATED SO DEEPLY IN OUR PSYCHE THAT IT HAS BECOME PART OF OUR SOUL. Period!

    Dear Readers: The field is vast and wide open to prove it wrong — without dissipating energy for nothing. THE END

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