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  • [Photos] Ethiopia allows anti-Eritrea march to A.U. despite protest ban

[Photos] Ethiopia allows anti-Eritrea march to A.U. despite protest ban

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s security forces granted permission for Eritrean refugees and opposition groups to stage a protest against the regime back home.

The protesters were said to have marched from Addis Ababa’s Guenet Hotel to the premises of the African Union to register their displeasure with ongoings back home. The number of protesters involved is said to have been around 250.

Photos shared by Nizar Manek, Bloomberg’s correspondent for Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region, showed a number of protesters waving Eritrean flags and other banners protesting political and religious persecution.

The occurrence happens at a time when Ethiopia has reportedly imposed a ban on protest rallies in a national security move.

After the lifting of a 10 – month long state of emergency, protests especially in the Oromia region has reared its head leading to the move after a national security council meeting late last week.

The relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia continues to be tense since the former attained independence from the latter in 1993. They accuse each other of being behind destabilization efforts.

The last big protest to have hit Eritrea was recorded weeks back when students marched through the capital Asmara to protest government interference in the running of the school. Nationals held protest rallies across the world to condemn the arrests and clampdown that met the protesters.

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rezen Nov 16, 2017 at 9:18 pm

Subject: “[Photos] Ethiopia allows anti-Eritrea march to A.U. despite protest ban” by Africa News, Nov 16, 2017

Commentary, 16 Nov 2017
Classical case of TRAGEDY.
Eritrea fought for thirty (30) years to ‘liberate’ itself from Ethiopia at a colossal loss of Human Life and destruction of environment and country. And the innocent, blind, trusting and believers of Eritrea found themselves under indigenous Dictator much worse than the Force they escaped from after thirty years of fighting. It is the legendary case [with exaggeration] of jumping from the frying pan to the fire

The indigenous Dictator has ruled the ‘liberated’ country twenty six years without a single election — and he could go on for Life without, to his credit, pretentious process of parliament etc etc like his Continental Brethren in Uganda.

Now, the unfortunate people of Eritrea find themselves, once again, in the middle of fighting between two close kin and kith of Eritrea and Ethiopia — initiated by the Strong Man of Eritrea. With that background, Ethiopia found it convenient to ‘encourage’ the Eritrean Refugees in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia [1] to demonstrate in front of the African Union Headquarter. It is only a show, because the AU is the most useless organization that has been established to mimick the old European Colonial Masters — and, of course, for enrichment of African ‘who is who’.

So, in the END, it is a PROFITABLE GAME to a few charlatans, destined to enrich themselves by any means available. And the POOR of Africa will keep on being despicable beggar and wanderer around the Globe for a piece of bread and a little shelter for his night dream (hallucination)!!!! THE END

[1] By the way, the total Eritrean Refugees in the so-called “enemy” Ethiopia is close to 150,000!!!One can’t help asking the obvious question but that would be cruelest than to flog a person in a market place.

rezen Nov 17, 2017 at 2:24 am


An article dated 11 March 2017, Ref Alleastafrica and Helena Independent, also gives an indication of the exodus of Eritreans destined to ANY safe ground they can find around the Globe. Only the first two paragraph of the Article would be sufficient to portray the picture.

QUOTE: “Eritrean refugees in Missoula fled a nation of oppression and military conscription”
Mar 11, 2017
MISSOULA — The second-largest segment of recent refugees to Missoula comes from one of the world’s fastest-emptying nations. That those attempting to flee Eritrea have to dodge troops at the border with “shoot to kill” orders only underlines the desperate, despotic conditions in the northeast African nation on the Red Sea. UNQUOTE THE END

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