East African military experts, commanders meet in Uganda

B Tom Mugisha,

KAMPALA – Military and defence experts from East African Community member states are on Monday meeting in Uganda to discuss regional security.

A statement issued by the Ugandan army on Sunday says the meeting will take place from November 20 to 24.

“The purpose of the meeting is to further the Peace and Security Strategy that was adopted in November 2006, the Protocol on Peace and Security, as well as the EAC Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution Mechanism adopted in January 2012 at the EAC joint meeting of the sectoral councils on Cooperation in Defence. It is also in line with the EAC Peace and Security Protocol set objectives for fostering regional peace and security,” the statement reads.

The meeting, according to UPDF, is pursuant to Article 10 of the EAC Protocol on Cooperation in Defence Affairs and in accordance with the EAC Calendar of Activities for the period July – December 2017.

Under the protocol, the militaries from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and South Sudan carry out annual activities intended strengthen regional security.

According to sources, meeting will discuss the situation in South Sudan and Burundi.

Today, the defence experts will meet to discuss operations and training and finish tomorrow. The sectoral committee on Cooperation will meet November22 to discuss the recommendations of the experts before a consultative meeting on regional security is convened on November 23 before the meeting ends on Thursday.

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rezen Nov 20, 2017 at 10:29 pm

1) “East African military experts, commanders meet in Uganda”, Tom Mugisha,Nov 20, 2017
2) Rwanda sends troops to Sudan for training exercise, Nov, 2017

Commentary, 20 Nov 2017
Why are we having so many military training?
Are Africans Dictators, in their wisdom, preparing for the liquidation of their own people?
Or, are they preparing for much more effective muzzling and controlling of their poor subjects?

Whatever the reason may be, they are NOT preparing for the care of the people, for example, in the following fundamental subjects:
a) Food (Agriculture);
b) Health (Medical);
c) Education (real knowledge against memorization and mimicking)

Africa is a tragic example of down-trodden, pathetic, poor…. people on our Planet Earth. To Dictators, it is a perfect situation for their greed and aggrandizement of wealth for their own private Life. Look at the current hot news about Mugabe of Zimbabwe. At 93 years old, out of which, 37 years as president, he still wants to cling around – perhaps until his last breathe. And it will not be a surprise, as we have a formal written desire of another Dictator from Uganda who wants to make constitutional change for him to extend his rule of 32 years of Presidency for Life – and possibly extend to his wife and family!!!

Each and every Dictator in Africa – almost all fifty-four (54) of them — are exactly the same.
The TRAGEDY of Africa seems to have no boundary, nor defined depth of bottom. Perhaps the Highly Educated Africans, with Ph D Degrees in the stratosphere, may occupy themselves writing books about Africa and of course about their glaring behavior too!!! THE END

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