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Museveni tells Sironko mudslide victims to relocate

President Yoweri Museveni has paid tribute to mudslide victims in Rusave village, Masaba Sub county in Sironko district.

On August 28, 2017, mudslides hit Masaba Sub county burying unspecified number of people and displacing hundreds of others.

The mudslides destroyed several homes, crop gardens and livestock.

Mr Museveni on Wednesday visited the area and told the victims that he had come to pay condolences for the people who died and support the displaced and those who lost property.

Mr Museveni said the mudslide victims should accept to relocate to a safer area government is going to resettle them to. He noted that government was going to provide iron sheets to the victims who are ready to resettle.

Mr Museveni asked the community staying on top of the cliff to settle in the low lands.

“When you die we are responsible as government,” Mr Museveni noted.

He added that government will provide money for relocation of the people who are in danger to safer place.

Mr Museveni pointed out that the settlement should be 500 metres away from the base of the cliff. He asked the mudslide victims to plant perennial crops and trees in the place where the mudslides occurred.

Mr Museveni said the area is fertile and the community should embark on growing crops such as coffee and avocados. The president promised to make new roads in the area to help with transportation of agricultural products.

He gave five million shillings to Elgon Zone Savings and Credit Association groups in Masaba sub county.

Mr Deogrious Nabugodi, who was representing the relatives of the mudslide victims, told Museveni that the community in Bufupa lacks a secondary school and a hospital. He therefore requested the government to provide the community with a seed secondary school.

Mr Nabugodi said students within the community have to walk to Masaba SS which is far and the distance has caused many students to drop out of school.

He further requested the government to elevate Buboolo Health Centre II so that it can accommodate the population in the area. He pointed out that residents have to trek up to Budadiri health centre IV, tens of kilometres away.

Mr Museveni was accompanied by ministers Irene Muloni, Hillary Onek, Musa Ecweru and Godfrey Kiwanda. Legislators; Manafwa Woman MP Mary Kitutu, Sironko Woman MP Florence Nambozo and Vincent Webwoya the Budadiri East MP were also in attendance.

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