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Uganda: Mugisha Muntu Meets Bobi Wine, to Announce Next Move Today

Kampala — Following his defeat in the Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) presidential elections, Maj.Gen Mugisha Muntu will outline his future plans in a press briefing today.

The fallout from the FDC polls has raised speculation that Muntu could break away from the party.

Soon after Friday’s defeat, Muntu lashed out at his critics in the party and said he was reflecting on his role and would come out with a statement on the way forward.

“During the campaigns, it became clear there was a considerable amount of distrust in me by some within our party. Indeed it was this mistrust that characterised my tenure. I hope Patrick Amuriat gets better support trust and cooperation than I was afforded,” he said.

He explained that “I am an army man and I know first hand just how important trust is in a fight. No matter how well trained or equipped you are, it is impossible to fight and win at the frontline if those beside you and behind you are hesitant to be led by you.”

On Tuesday, Muntu met MP Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) in what many analysts believe are one of his many consultation efforts as he seeks to redefine his role in opposition politics.

“It was great meeting you Bobi Wine,” Muntu said, addding ” I thank you for your commitment to doing all you can with whatever you can to inspire us as nation towards a fairer, more prosperous and equitable country. Let’s all do our part.!

 He then confirmed his press briefing. “I would like to thank all of you for the great show of support for the pursuit of democracy as well as our concerted and continuing struggle for a better Uganda. I will be holding a press conference tomorrow at 10am at Hotel Africana. God bless you all.”

On Friday, Kumi Country MP Eng. Patrick Amuriat was elected new president after he got 57.6 % of the vote (641) from the delegates, edging incumbent Mugisha Muntu at 463 votes – 41.7%.

Amuriat’s candidature was heavily boosted by what many see as support from the party’s top honcho, former president Kizza Besigye. Another main Amuriat campaigner was FDC mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe, who is very close to Besigye and a key member of the defiance camp.

Another contender also seen as a Besigye loyalist, legislator Mubarak Munyagwa even stepped out of the race to throw his weight behind Amuriat.

The incumbent Muntu’s campaign was marred by accusations that he is an NRM mole in FDC, Uganda’s leading opposition party.

Under the party constitution, Muntu can still contest to be flag-bearer but a loss of the party presidency will have weakened him. On the other hand, Besigye can still challenge Muntu for the flag-bearer ticket.

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