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Uganda: Museveni Asks NRM Flag Bearer to Denounce Age Limit Position

BUSHENYI. President Museveni yesterday asked the NRM flag bearer in the Igara East by-election, Mr Andrew Martial to openly denounce his position on the controversial age limit Bill.

The President was campaigning for Mr Martial who happens to be the NRM flag bearer, at a rally held at Nyeibingo central playground in Bushenyi District.

The NRM chairman called Mr Martial to the podium and asked him to denounce his previous utterances about lifting the age limit from the Constitution.

“Andrew Martial worked in my office for a long time and [he] was a hardworking man, but I heard that he had refused to touch the other thing. I wondered what had happened to his hands. So let him come here and tell us what had happened to his fingers,” Mr Museveni said as voters shouted “NRM oyee”.

The former MP walked to the podium and openly apologised to Mr Museveni. He also asked for forgiveness before the party president gave him his blessings.

“Your excellency, Whoever said I was against lifting of age limit is a liar. I was part of the district NRM conference that unanimously endorsed the lifting of the presidential age limit.

I cannot disobey you because I have worked under you for a long time. I will always work with you and I ask you to forgive me if I ever disobeyed you in any way” Mr Martial pleaded.

He added: “What appeared on social media was not from me. Someone used my facebook account to post some statements I did not utter out. I want to say it in front of you and all the people here that I support the lifting of age limit,” Mr Martial said in self defence.

Mr Martial was in September this year said to have opposed the lifting of presidential age limit, a claim he denied.
However, a few days after declaring his position on the age limit Bill, he was ejected from Parliament by the court of appeal which nullified his election as Igara East representative.

The President pledged to tarmac the Nyakabirizi-Kyabugimbi road connecting Bushenyi and Buhweju districts and also upgrade Kyabugimbi Health Center IV to a district hospital status to serve Bushenyi District since other hospitals serving the people of Bushenyi are privately owned.

Meanwhile former FDC presidential candidate, Dr Kiiza Besigye, who was also campaigning in the sub-counties of Kyabugimbi and Kyeizooba for the FDC candidate, Ms Christine Bekunika, Ninsiima said the Uganda police, army, and other security organs were ready for change.

The four time presidential candidate told the people of Igara East, Bushenyi District that whenever the security people are sent to arrest him, they assure him of support and readiness for change just like security did it in Zimbabwe.

However, Daily Monitor could not independently verify the claims.
The Igara East by-election in which six candidates are contesting is scheduled for Thursday

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rezen Dec 13, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Subject: “Uganda: Museveni Asks NRM Flag Bearer to Denounce Age Limit Position”, By Daily Monitor, Dec 13, 2017

Commentary, 13 Dec 2017
Museveni has one quality. He is persistent in his goal. He uses all maneuvering under the sun to achieve his goal. If that fails, the people of Uganda, having known Museveni (their Master) for 37 years would NOT fail to expect his LAST DEVASTATING TOOL. And nobody would volunteer loosing his/her Life.

Museveni knows the people of Uganda very well, including the gutless, highest educated ones with Doctor of Philosophy Degree pasted on their chests. The first few hundred of corps will teach the entire population to behave. Museveni is sure of that. Read the following quotation.
The victim in the article “walked to the podium and openly apologised to Mr Museveni. He also asked for forgiveness before the party president gave him his blessings.” Do we need further proof?

By the way, it is the same throughout our Dear Continent of “DARK” Africa. Almost all Leaders of Africa are outright Dictators who took over the subjection of people from European Colonialism. The only difference is in colour: White is turned to Black.

In the place where I live, I came to be acquainted with a few Ugandans. They are wonderful people. They greet me with dazzling smile, accompanied with “MY BROTHER”. It is the most heart warming expression. I never spoil our meeting by mentioning Uganda because I know it hurts.

May Dictator Museveni gets what he deserves, here on Earth or in Hell. THE END

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