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Speaker throws John Mbadi out of the National Assembly

National Assembly John Mbadi Minority Leader has been thrown out of the chambers for saying that Kenya “has no President”.

Mr Mbadi, who is also the Suba South MP, was contributing to a procedural motion during the Thursday morning sitting when he made the remark.

“As we prepare to go to recess today, there is no need of being recalled to approve anything by the president because as far as I am concerned, there is.

no sitting president,” Mr Mbadi said.

The remark was met by shouting and jeers from Jubilee MPs.

Speaker Justin Muturi then ordered Mr Mbadi to immediately withdraw the statement “no sitting president” before continuing with his remarks.

“I have ordered you the leader of minority to either withdraw the statement or face the consequences, which you know. I will not allow such statements to be made under my watch,” Mr Muturi said.

“Some statements you are comfortable making outside there and not within this chamber. When you are outside there, you can say anything you want and will get away with it but not here under my watch,” added the speaker.

The speaker said Mr Mbadi would miss only the morning sitting and would be allowed in during the afternoon session because what he said was disorderly and not categorised as gross miss conduct as stipulated under standing orders 107.

Mr Mbadi, however, remained adamant.

“I cannot withdraw the obvious. I rather withdraw from the House than withdraw the statement.”

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