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Eritrean refugees lament regimes risky acts against nation’s sovereignty

ADDIS ABABA – The dictatorial regime ruling Eritrea is putting the sovereignty of the nation at stake through the illegitimate partnerships it forms with various countries and forces, Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia said.

The Eritreans Dr. Bereket Berhane   Gayim Leul  Ashenafi Teklay  Mengisteab Girma who have been living in Ethiopia for more than eight years elaborated that international activities and agreements that the regime is currently engaged in with neighboring countries and some political groups are illegal and not geared towards the benefits of the Eritrean people, rather than the dictatorial regimes personal and temporary gains.

They further indicated that the regime has lost legitimacy on the side of the Eritrean people and expressed concern that all the agreements and partnerships that it forms with countries like the middle east are likely to backfire against the benefits of the people and the sovereignty of the nation either right now or any time the regime is toppled.

They indicated that the people of Eritrea have waged fierce struggle to gain their independence and added that they are the sole and supreme owners as well as rightful beneficiaries of all the nations’ resources like the land, water and islands, among others.

But the recent acts of the dictatorial regime in renting the ports like for instance Assab, among others to the United Arab Emirates which is a member of the Saudi Led Coalition against the Iran supported Houti fighters of Yemen is an illegal act that violates the rights, safety and benefits of the Eritrean people.

They indicated that it is known that the only country that can use the ports of Eritrea is only Ethiopia, and the aims of these countries are only to launch offensive against the Houti fighters of Yemen. They noted that the people of Eritrea are not going to benefit from the rent in any way and rather denounced the act as the friendly people of Yemen do not deserve such betrayal from the Eritrean side.

They further elaborated that currently the countries that rented the ports have established a huge military based around Assab dislocating the local people of Afar denying them access to their ages old traditional livelihood of fishing.

According to the Eritrean refugees, the regime which was supporting the Houti rebels at the beginning didn’t waste time to betray the Houtis and shift alliance with the Saudi led coalition seeing the prospect of  better financial gains. According to them the contracting of the ports is also likely to put the image of the nation at stake as these countries mainly intended to use the port as detention camps for prisoners of war.

They added it is so saddening that the Saudi led coalition are well aware that the Shabia regime is not a reliable partner and is likely to one day spend the money it obtained through the port rent to buy arms and launch attack against themselves.

They further lamented that the regime has no serious political goal other that its own group benefit and is likely to side with any power even at the cost of the sovereignty of the nation.

The regime has been allying with many Ethiopian opposition forces who do not support the people’s rights for self determination which is an affront to the sovereignty of the people and the nation, they reiterated. As long as it gains personal benefits, the regime always goes “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

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rezen Dec 24, 2017 at 7:45 am

Subject: Eritrean refugees lament regimes risky acts against nation’s sovereignty”, By The Ethiopian Herald, Dec 24, 2017

Commentary, 24 Dec 2017
It is a surprising Article. What were they expecting from outright Dictator.

1. Background of a Dictator
Isayas Afewerki is a self-made revolutionary leader and President of Eritrea. In these two roles he controlled and guided Eritrea, in his own way, for fifty-three years [27 +26 = 53], without a single interruption and election: Twenty seven years as a leader of fighting force; and twenty six years as self-appointed President of Eritrea without a single election. He has unbeatable record in African Dictatorship.

His story is very interesting and a phenomenon by itself. At the age of about 23 years, following his failure to get passing grade at his first-year university, at Addis Ababa, he headed to join the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF). In three years time, he created his won Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front (EPLF), defeating the ELF and its members scattering around the Globe. He never looked back. As a strong man and ‘beloved’ by ALL, he forged EPLF in his own image and belief. All his close compatriots, without exception, NEVER knew him but worshiped him.

In 1991 he entered Asmara, Eritrea, as an adored hero, defeating the mighty Ethiopian army. But there is always an ending to everything. Along the way he revealed his true nature and made clear who he was. It is like Hitler hiding his true ‘colour’ for many years and revealing himself at a particular moment of his Life.

In September of 1991, when the world was glued to the “9/11 New York Attack” Isayas Afewerki sent his security forces, in the dark night of Asmara , and picked eleven of his very close Comrades, simultaneously, at EXACTLY the same hour i.e. 03:00AM — never to be seen again.

To this day no body knows where they are!!! And surprising of all, not a single comrade or group of comrades, raised the issue to demand explanation. That stance, more than anything else, indicated the power of Isayas Afewerki over the entire Eritrean Society. For all practical purposes, Eritrea is turned into a slave African country to serve Isayas Afewerki. The unreserved adulation of EPLF, meaning Isayas Afewerki, by sophisticated foreign writers was shattered into pieces at that particular moment by a simple African Dictator, First Year College Drop Out!!!

2. The Article by the Ethiopian Herald.
About six-hundred words and, let us be honest, doesn’t give us a different ray of light. Issyas Afewerki’s ACTION is well known and daringly open. Eritreans who understood the reality of Isayas Afewerki have been getting out of the country at great risk and horrendous payment to enablers to leave their dear Eritrea. Eritrean refugees to any safe place around the Globe are the second or the third in world scale – out of a population of about five million. The emigration of Eritrean Refugees is about four thousand per month. A simple calculation indicates where Eritrea is heading.

And here is the most extraordinary fact and a classical case of TRAGEDY: There are about 30,000 Eritrean Refugees in the so-called enemy country Ethiopia that Eritrea fought against for thirty-years at horrendous loss of life and physical destruction of the country. By the way, a few qualified Eritrean refugees are enrolled in Ethiopian universities – free of charge!!!!!!!!!!

Who is responsible for all the loss? It is a question applicable to the entire continent of Africa. Innocent people forced to sacrifice their LIFE for the benefit of Dictators. For example: Rwanda, of course, is the glaring sad immortal example with its sacrifice of 800,000 ordinary Rwandans, fighting against each other under the dictate of Dictators. If that is not a CRIME of the ultimate order, what is beyond that order?

When will Africa be FREE, INDEPENDENT, and see Social Justice? It is very sad to say that it is a flickering light of hope that would be extinguished completely with a little blow of the wind. THE END

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