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Jubilee Secretary General Tuju praises Kagame’s leadership, calls for stronger relations

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju has hailed the good relationship between Kenya and Rwanda and congratulated President Paul Kagame for his re-election as the Chairman of the Rwanda Patriotic Front.

Mr Tuju was speaking at the new RPF headquarters in Kigali where he noted that Rwanda has achieved so much within a short time under Kagame leadership.

“The country has made big strides in areas such as environmental conservation and management, unity of its people and in business,” said Mr Tuju accompanied by three legislators from Kenyan Parliament.

The delegation form Jubilee Party said the lessons learnt from RPF as a party were numerous including the fact that development ideology for the Rwandan people was the foundation of RPF.

Mr Tuju called for closer ties in different areas between Kenya and Rwanda for the mutual benefit of the people of both countries.

During the weeklong events to mark the RPF existence in Rwanda, resident Paul Kagame was elected unopposed to continue at the helm of RPF leadership.

He noted that for Africa to progress at high rate and for the benefit of its citizens, African countries must continue to work together.

President Paul Kagame took the reins of the country in 2000 after leading a rebel movement to stop the 1994 Genocide where nearly 1 million Tutsis and moderate Huts were killed.

The country applied alternative justice systems to reconcile the people through the Gecaca court systems and has resulted in rapid growth of the economy priding one of the most ICT based economies in the World.

Rwanda women representation in parliament is also one of the highest with nearly 60 per cent of legislators being females.

With a population of 12million Rwanda led the drive of banning plastics, a move that has since been adopted by other countries including recently in Kenya.

Today Rwanda is third worldwide in the easy to do business index where business permits are obtained within less than a day.

“We are ready and open for business as we offer a competitive business environment,” said Ms Claire Akamanzi, the CEO of Rwanda Development Board.

Today Kenyan businesses are thriving in the country with such brands as Equity Bank, Mount Kenya University as well as I&M Banks as part of the larger Corporate Rwanda.

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rezen Dec 25, 2017 at 9:16 pm

Subject: “Jubilee Secretary General Tuju praises Kagame’s leadership, calls for stronger relations”
By The Standard Dec 25, 2017

Commentary, 25 Dec 2017
Patting on the back never hurts anyone — especially if it is done among those who know each other very well. It is all artificial smile and gesture. No need to read the Article. Seeing the photo is enough.

Poor African ordinary people!!! They are not only physically poor but also lost their natural endowment of “smile and laughter”. They have NOTHING to smile about. They are destitute, roaming around from place to place, in any direction, for crumb of bread. They are at the lowest strata of LIFE that ONLY an innocent Africans can occupy. In the mean time, their representatives in modern impeccable attire — with dazzling smiles to go with it — enjoy Life with imported ultra expensive Champagnes.

Colonialism succeed in its long hatched ENTIRE INTENTION of making the AFRICAN MAN the most useless creature on the surface of the earth. We see it in reality.

Take the dictators of Africa. What do you see? Eternal enemy of the people of Africa <<< that what we see. It is not strange. The crime of colonialism is far and wide. Keep reading.

Fifty-four "liberated" African Nations have proved to the World, without a shadow of a doubt — as Colonialism crafted — that they are incapable of forging a decent LIFE for themselves, by themselves. The simply cannot. They simply don't know how. That is the creation of colonialism. Keep reading.

Take the Educated Elites of Africa. Regardless of their high fluting Doctor of Philosophy Degrees from Western Universities they are incapable of getting together and forge AFRICAN PLAN to extricate their Brethren, the Black People, from poverty and disgracefulness. They are simply INCAPABLE — regardless of their honest desire to help their fellow Africans.

Their "education" was never meant to develop the analytical mid of the African Child. They were taught to mimick, getting a passing grade out of memorization and a piece of dissertation paper gleaned from here and there to make it as the END of Life to the African Elites. Dear Readers: Please remember your schooling in your childhood.

Colonialism has succeeded 100% as it was meant to be. And the AFRICAN MAN stood still [with dazzling white teeth] not knowing which way to go, with useless tools on his hands that HE couldn't even understand how to use! To repeat: Colonialism in Africa has succeeded as exactly drafted in its originality. Africa is too rich in mineral resource and LIVING SPACE to leave it to the savage BLACK MAN. THE END

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