Voting for Opposition is suicidal, says Museveni

President Museveni has said that parliament is like a bus park where everyone comes simply to talk but the actual service delivery and allocation of resources do not take place there thus electing a person who does not belong to the ruling NRM is suicide to electorates.
He said this at Ruhaama Sub County playground on Tuesday while campaigning for Mr Moses Kahima, the NRM party candidate in the Ruhaama County by-election.

Citing the example of his wife’s 10 years’ tenure in Parliament, Mr Museveni said she continuously lobbied and reminded him about the need for services in the county.

According to the president, without such a Member of Parliament who sits on “the NRM table” where division of resourced and allocation is done, there can never be real development in constituencies.

“Parliament is just like a place for all, to talk. It’s like a bus park but real things are allocated somewhere else. If you look for an independent, he will never reach [me],” President Museveni said referring to how Mr Augustine Ruzindana (FDC) reportedly failed to develop the constituency in his tenure before the First Lady, Janet Museveni was elected to replace him.

“All we have done here has been a result of continuous lobbying because you sent a person who reminds me when we are at the serving table,” Mr Museveni said before promising to work on the Ntungamo Mirama hills road, electricity extension, water sources construction among other projects.

“At times when we go into elections, people tend to go astray. They forget why there are elections. It’s about people who can serve better; people who can bring services.

Here you have a big example, you spent time with my young brother Ruzindana (Augustine), because he was in the other house away, he could not do anything.”

Mr Museveni added: “But later, you came up with this old woman (Janet) I don’t know where you got her from.

She now became a problem to me over the road. I almost went to Butabika over this woman. I almost went mad, we were making other roads but she could not understand why Ruhaama was not coming first, before we did it. She was a big problem.

You know how it is hard to defy someone you sleep with, someone you come with from the same village. All we have done here has been a result of her continuous demands.”

President Museveni campaigned in four different areas in the constituency.

They are Nyakyera, Rwoho, Ruhaama and later Murisa in Ntungamo Sub County.

At all the campaign rallies, he introduced Mr Kahima whom he said would be a better candidate, who would always remind him of the needs of Ruhaama voters.

He said the independent candidates campaigning ahead of the Thursday by-election are just “undisciplined NRM fellows who are either impatient or just obstinate and lack morality.”

Four people are vying for Ruhaama county parliamentary seat which became vacant following the death of Mr William Beijukye Zinkurateire on November 4, 2017.
The other three are Dr Peninah Beinomugisha Jambo, Eng Jackson Kabikire Mubangizi and Ms Vastine Orishaba, all on the independent ticket.

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