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Nobody can lecture me on democracy, says Museveni

President Museveni has described Uganda as one of the most democratic countries in the world saying; he will not accept lectures from anybody about democracy.

Politicians and human rights activists have over time been criticising Museveni’s government for suppressing dissenting voices especially from the Opposition.

However, during the 32nd NRM Liberation Day anniversary at Arua Hill Grounds on Friday, Mr Museveni said: “Uganda is one of the most democratic countries. I will not accept any lecture from anybody about democracy.”

Mr Museveni said Uganda is today one of the most peaceful societies in the world and his government would deal with “a few criminals who have been there. Indiscipline is going to drive away people (investors).”

“As Uganda is developing, I appeal to Ugandans to learn discipline. If you’re in Kampala and see how recklessly the boda boda cyclists ride, you’re going to undermine our efforts to bring more people to Uganda.

Don’t ride on the pavement because it’s for pedestrians and not anybody else. That will spoil our international reputation,” he said.

He also urged youth to engage in productive activities instead of wasting time taking alcohol.

“The youth should stop taking alcohol, drugs and engaging in prostitution. Those misbehaviours don’t assist them it’s not enough to say you’re taking drugs because you’re frustrated,” he said.

Earlier, Mr Museveni reiterated that the challenges of Africa as a continent are ideological but the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) was able to diagnose the problem and lay out prescriptions of the communities to it especially rejecting sectarianism and instead promoted patriotism.

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