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Nasa members react to Miguna’s ‘deportation’

National Super Alliance (Nasa) members have reacted with outrage at news of the ‘deportation’ of Kenyan-born lawyer Miguna Miguna to Canada.

Wiper Party vice chairman Mutula Kilonzo Junior termed the ‘deportation’ as shocking, saying that Mr Miguna had an order by High Court judge Luka Kimaru blocking his further prosecution until he is produced before his court.


That he was ‘deported’ before that happened, Mr Kilonzo Jr said, was both shocking and a return to the dark days of regimes that did not care for the law.

“The news that Miguna has been deported is shocking. May the good Lord deliver us from evil,” Mr Kilonzo Jr said in a written statement.

At the same time, Nasa leader Raila Odinga’s advisor, Salim Lone, in a statement said that the arrest of Mr Miguna, failure by police to produce him in court despite numerous court orders were signs of a plan to arrest Mr Odinga.

“We know that Miguna’s lawless detention and now deportation and revocation of citizenship,  plus withdrawal of passports etc –  all this is setting the stage for Raila’s arrest,” Mr Lone said.

He went on: “They can’t move against all those involved in swearing in and not arrest Raila – that would show a real weakness and fear of him.”

He termed such a move, to arrest Mr Odinga, as “a disaster.”

Mr Miguna was put into a KLM flight departing Nairobi for Amsterdam minutes to 10pm on Tuesday, his lawyer John Khaminwa said.

“We are reliably informed that Miguna Miguna has been forced into a KLM flight for “deportation” to Canada. Now, how do you deport a Kenyan? This Country has been overrun by criminals,” another lawyer Nelson Havi wrote on Twitter.

NEXUS, a Twitter page that has in the past been used by government officials to issue communication said, ‘‘Miguna is headed home.

The court ordered he gets released and the Interior ministry obeyed the orders and even assisted him with a flight ticket home”.

A senior government official said that the Interior ministry will give a detailed statement on Wednesday morning.

He said when Mr Miguna was arrested, the Canadian government had written to Kenya expressing concerns that their citizen was being harassed and they wanted him back.

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