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Masaka attacks suspects flee from court

MASAKA. The Key suspects in the recent wave of murders and robberies that paralyzed the greater Masaka sub region have escaped from court.

Musa Galiwango and Muhammad Kidawalime; two of the persons police arrested as key suspects in relation to these murders have fled from Masaka court were they had been brought for prosecution.

Drama ensued this afternoon after the duo went on rampage and suddenly escaped from the court room before they took off after jumping over the fence surrounding the Masaka court premises.

The prison warders had brought the suspects together with other accomplices for mention of their charges before the Masaka Chief Court, in the afternoon session presided over by Samuel Munobe, the chief magistrate.

According to the Magistrate, prosecution had preferred fresh murders against the accused persons, whose mention was due today before committal to the high court.

One of the state attorneys who preferred anonymity narrates that the suspect who was standing in the dock gained momentum, jumped over it and landed just next to the court clerk’s table causing confusion into the fully-packed court room and suddenly fled through the main door.

The second suspect also took advantage of the ensuing confusion to also take off before the magistrate ordered the officers to close the door.
When they reached in the court compound, according to Ms Rinah Kiwanuka, one of the suspects ran while making an alarm creating an impression that he was chasing the first one.

Alex Lubwama notes that prison officers tried to get one of them but he fought them and jumped over the court fence straight to the road without fearing to be knocked down by speeding cars.
“They ran toward an estate opposite to court and eventually entered a nearby forest,” Lubwama said.

Police officers with reinforcement from Masaka Central Police Station then advanced to search for them.
His worship Munobe was left in shock as this had never happened to him throughout his carrier.
People at court blame the escape to police and prison services accusing them of having not deployed enough officers yet they knew that the suspects are notorious.

The suspects together with their accomplices were apprehended following General Kale Kaihura’s week-long camping in the area and intensified investigations into the Bukomansimbi New Year’s murder which left five people, including a retired senior Police Officer at rank of Senior Superintendent, Denis Ssebuggwawo, killed in cold blood and several others injured.

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