Sleep making Ugandans poor – Museveni

Dokolo- President Museveni has said Ugandans, and Africans more generally, are poor because they spend too much time sleeping.

“Africa is so rich because we have got water, land, minerals, good weather. So, how does this (poverty) come about? It is because of nino (Langi for sleeping),” Mr Museveni said.
In Africa, he noted, there is also a lot of “oversleeping”.

“People, as the prayer book of the Church of Uganda says, ‘leave undone as they ought to do and they do things that they are not meant to do’. That is why you get (poverty) in the place which has got a lot of lonyo (Langi for wealth),” he added.

In a speech in Dokolo District at the weekend, Mr Museveni blamed Africa’s under-development on Africans.

He was in the area to attend Dokolo North Member of Parliament Paul Amoru’s belated thanksgiving ceremony at Adwoki Technical Institute.

Mr Amoru said the event was to honour his political and personal progress, including winning a protracted court battle against his 2016 election.

West Lango Bishop Alfred Okodi, the lawmaker’s spiritual mentor, said: “Today, you have fulfilled God’s debt by giving thanks to God in the presence of His Excellency, the President… and the people of God who are here.”

“Returning thanks is a good thing. Many people take away things that are given to them… and they wish they were given more without appreciating God,” Bishop Okodi added.

The district chairperson, Mr Frederick Odongo, commended the President for supporting the district and asked him to persuade the central government to provide resources for construction of a district hospital.

“It is also our appeal to you, your Excellency, in line with the (ruling) NRM (party) manifesto and the National Health Policy in place, to consider establishing health centre III in the seven sub-counties in Dokolo that currently do not have (health centre III),” he said.

Mr Odongo told the President of rising crime in Lango sub-region, which he blamed on police.

In response, Mr Museveni said: “I’m surprised to hear there is some insecurity. I’m going to sort it out.

I will call a meeting of the security group and resident district commissioners and they will tell me who is causing this insecurity. We shall defeat this. It cannot be bigger than what we solved.”

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rezen Mar 12, 2018 at 11:10 pm

Subject: “Sleep making Ugandans poor – Museveni”, By Daily Monitor, Mar 12, 2018
Quote: “President Museveni has said Ugandans, and Africans more generally, are poor because they spend too much time sleeping.”Unquite

Commentary, 12 March 2018
African leaders, more than other leaders in the rest of the world, have the lowest opinion upon their brethren the African people. Museveni has the lowest opinion upon the Ugandan people. Museveni’s parents brought him to this world, nurtured him, agonized when he was ill as a child, cared for him, sent him to school all the way to university to make him somebody. And yet the Makerere university educated Museveni has the temerity to lecture the Ugandan people that they are ‘poor because they sleep to much’!!!
He went farther than that: he believed that his cockeyed theory is also fully applicable to the entire Continent of Africa.!!! In layman’s term, one is forced to pronounce him MAD. Amazing!!! Shocking!!!
If the people of Uganda are poor it is precisely because mad dictator Museveni has dragged them down for thirty-two (32) years [and continue to do so for Life] solely for the benefit of himself and his family.
In fact, African leaders, with the exception of two or three (at most) are CRIMINALS of the first order. And their enablers are NOT exempt from that verdict because no single human being could achieve the destruction of millions of people and countries without their consent and active criminal involvement. But at the END, JUSTICE will prevail and Museveni and his likes will find themselves hiding in rabbit holes and gutters. We have seen it in Libya and Iraq. THE END

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