Former Kagame aide’s ‘life in danger’

A former bodyguard for the Rwandan president Paul Kagame says he has been warned by the British police that his life is in danger from the Rwandan government.

Noble Marara has refugee status in Britain and is an outspoken critic of President Paul Kagame.

He recently published a book in which he accused Mr Kagame’s rebel group of shooting down the plane carrying the former president – an event seen as a trigger to the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Mr Marara also accused Mr Kagame of committing atrocities during the genocide.

The president has repeatedly denied this accusation and his government has denied previous reports of plots to kill dissidents.

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rezen Mar 14, 2018 at 6:02 pm

Subjct: “Former Kagame aide’s ‘life in danger’” By BBC, Mar 14, 2018

Commentary, 14 March 2018
In the end, TRUTH prevails.
The TRUTH about Kagame and Rwanda, sooner or later, will come out on the surface.
The horrendous horror crime committed in Rwanda by Rwandans will come out on the surface.
For that matter, the TRUTH of African Dictators will come out, one by one, no matter how long it takes.
If there is JUSTICE in Life, the down trodden African People must be compensated for their suffering by the REVELATION of the TRUTH.
In that endeavour, we say: THANKS to for the beacon of news item.

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