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FDC gaining from our failures- Museveni

Rukungiri.President Yoweri Museveni has castigated local leaders in Rukungiri for not reaching out to the youth and the vulnerable making the opposition FDC to reap from the neglected who especially the NRM looks at as less important in most cases, as they have opted for the local elite.

He said with the NRM concentrating on the rich and the elite class, FDC has been appealing to the neglected youths who follow Dr Besigye despite him providing nothing and having no record of performance.

“You leaders, chairmen learn this, penetrating people, Jim (Maj. Gen. Muhwezi) knows how we fought war in Luweero, when we were fighting in Luweero, we did not pass through Bishops, there is no Bishop I consulted, not even one,” President Museveni said.

He was speaking during a commissioning of a youth savings and credit cooperative at Kasoroza trading centre in Nyakagyeme sub county Rukungiri district on Friday.

“You confine yourselves in the local elite. My contact is a house girl in Kampala. That is how we managed the war. It’s how Jesus worked.

I ask you people of NRM that you penetrate and reach these people, you hear that FDC is penetrating our people, they are passing through these young ones, like this one (pointing at his contact), those who have been left aside without being reached, those are the ones FDC comes and takes. Besigye is using children we do not reach, those we neglect,” he said.

“People of Rukungiri, you became infested with FDC disease, FDC, failed you getting leaders who would have helped you and you chose those who can’t help you and you never thought of keeping contact with those who have a record of transforming.

Us as NRM have a record of transforming people from the worst and our record is visible. To follow someone you need to see the track record; the FDC you joined where is its track record, what has it ever done? So now taking our people in FDC who took them there? to benefit what?”

The SACCO was an initiative of a local young lady Ms Scovia Atuheire whom President Museveni said is a house girl in Kampala whom he also got from a fellow house girl.
“So what has brought me here is to launch a reach out for these young people so that they don’t get neglected and FDC gets on them and lies to them that they start protesting and fighting with the army, there is a child who died here in Rukungiri that he was fighting with police,” he said.

“I have penetrated all of them, and I am like couch grass, when I have come I don’t go. The Baganda had a song when we were fighting, that Museveni is like a black jack that has already made fruit, that when it has touched on you it will not leave you”.

President Museveni Donated Shs50M cash to the three SACCOs founded under the initiative and a Shs300M worth truck to aid the SACCO members work.

He also donated Shs50M to an onion growing organization, Boona Bagaigahare Nyekundeire group.

Former Minister and Rujumbura county MP Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi, Prof Mondo Kagonyera, Dr. Alex Kamugisha, Rukungiri woman MP Ms. Winfred Matsiko among other local leaders attended the function.

Rukungiri Municipality MP Mr Roland Mugume Kaginda said President Museveni was acknowledging the NRM failures especially not being a government reaching out to the people especially the young and appealing to them.

“Over 70% of the Uganda’s population are young people, they are the most productive. By Museveni saying they have neglected them he is admitting that the NRM has failed and the people who appeal to them are the ones that have their solutions.

He can now really understand. However the biggest challenge he has is that he thinks he is the champion of everything and he is the only who can do things better,” Mr. Kaginda told Daily Monitor on phone.

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