Lazy police officers will not be accepted, warns Brig Muzeyi

KAMPALA- Brig Brig Sabiiti Muzeyi, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, has said negligent and lazy police officers have no place in the Uganda Police Force.

While passing out 609 police officers who completed a two months refresher course at Kigo Marine Base in Wakiso District on Saturday, Brig Muzeyi said officers who are negligent of their duties and fire arms will not find it easy serving in the police force.

The warning was sounded after Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Mr Frank Mwesigwa said three police officers are on suspension for abandoning their guns.

“These cases I have heard of police officers abandoning their guns won’t be tolerated in the police force.

Why do you abandon your gun? Your gun must be with you all the time and it must be protected,” Brig Muzeyi said.

Brig Muzeyi who assumed office of DIGP on Thursday, was officiating his first police event as second in command of the police force. He previously commanded the military police.

Earlier, Inspector of Police (IP), John Bosco Otim, who was the lead trainer said many police officers were found lacking skills on weapon handling and protection.

“When these officers arrived here on January 17, we found that they lacked many things among others weapon management.

They did not know how to look after their guns and some had rusted and could not shoot. That puts you at risk in case you are attacked or in an operation,” Mr Otim said.

Brig Muzeyi, however, said he was convinced by military skills demonstrated by police officers which included close and far range shooting, group and individual fighting as well Karate.

He rallied police officers to be ready to perform military functions at any time.
“This is the first line of defence in police as you have demonstrated.

I also read the Police Act and it says you should be ready to perform functions of the military. So, be ready to perform military duties. Range shooting, individual skills which develop into group skills and skills at arms whether you are an army or police officer are a must. That makes an efficient officer,” Brig Muzeyi said.

Mr Mwesigwa said the training was conducted after realising that criminals are executing missions in the country because police commanders delay to respond, have poor commanding skills, they are physically unfit while others apply archaic operational skills.

“Ninety percent of this course was field operations. This cuts across and that’s why we trained commanders and juniors. To fight criminality, we need physical and mental fitness of all police officers,” Mr Mwesigwa said.

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