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Only God-fearing leaders can redeem Uganda, say bishop Muhima

LUWEERO- The retired Anglican Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese, Dr Edward Muhima has said that the “rotten moral fibre” of Ugandans cannot be transformed without leaders who respect and fear God.

Dr Muhima says Uganda’s leaders have abandoned the true principals of humanity and failed to acknowledge that God has a purpose for all Ugandans.

“I have openly told President Museveni that God must be put back into the equation of this country because whatever we do without his guidance will not see the light of the day.

This country is totally rotten,” he said. “You can imagine a leader [diverting public money] to build a [personal mansion] at the expense of the suffering population.”
He said Uganda cannot experience a renaissance without moral transformation.

Bishop Muhima was speaking at thanksgiving service at Ndejje Secondary School in Luweero District at the weekend.
The Cleric said a morally-broken nation has no capability to rebuild an economy which is shattered unless the leadership acknowledges that the country is “rotting from the top to the bottom”.

“We have examples of husbands maiming their wives and many live examples where our people have fallen short of what is expected of a God-fearing nation. I can strongly assert that there is no political leader who will change Uganda unless we get leaders who fear and respect God,” he said.

According to Dr Muhima, the struggling economy has been betrayed by selfish individuals who now visit witch doctors and sorcerers after stealing from the poor.

“Our people have special days when they go to consult evil spirits. We have been undertaking a research to find out why many people leave Kampala City and move to rural areas on Wednesday. Our findings point to witchcraft.

They move out to go and consult the evil spirits,” the retired bishop said while advising students to seek salvation from Jesus Christ.

Commenting on the remarks made by the bishop, Senior Presidential Secretary Don Wanyama said on Monday that Church leaders are the custodians of morals and have the duty to rally people to seek salvation not President Museveni as an individual.

“The question of morals cannot be left to an individual because the President has many things to do. I believe the Clerics have an obligation to rally Ugandans for moral change and salvation,” Mr Wanyama said.

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