Dr. Abiy Ahmed: The ex-peacekeeper tasked with steading Ethiopia’s political waters

Ethiopia’s is set to swear-in a new Prime Minister – leader of government business.

The ruling 180-member Executive Committee of the ruling coalition, the Ethiopia Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) on Tuesday elected a new leader in the person of Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

As is the case, leader of the ruling coalition at any point is also Prime Minister. The 42-year-old is leader of the Oromo bloc of the four-member ruling coalition.

The Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization (OPDO) elevated him to leader of the party precisely to allow him to be eligible for the Prime Minister post. He swapped places with Lemma Megerssa, the then OPDO chief.

Lemma, however, kept his position as Oromia regional State president.

Of Abiy’s credentials, he has served in the military, has gone on peacekeeping mission, he is a one-time minister of state and is reputed as a political reformist.

Here are some top facts about the man thrust into a tough job of steading Ethiopia’s choppy political waters.

  • He is largely seen as an astute politician with impressive academic and military credentials.
  • Born in the city of Agaro in Oromia, Abiy comes from a mixed Christian-Muslim family. He joined the OPDO in the late 1980s.
  • His military days saw him serve and rise to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
  • He also took part in the UN peacekeeping mission to Rwanda. The Rwandan state-affiliated New Times portal sang his praise after he was elected.

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