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My health is deteriorating in Dubai, says Miguna Miguna

Fiery lawyer Miguna Miguna has claimed that United Arab Emirates (UAE) police have been attempting to forcefully enter into to a room where he is being held at the Dubai Airport.

Dr Miguna has also said that his health is deteriorating.

Speaking to KTN News on Saturday night, the self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement general said unknown people, believed to be the police, attempted to break into his room.

Dr Miguna, who was denied entry to Kenya after failing to produce his Canadian passport, further claimed that people posing as doctors had also tried to access his room.

“A man claiming to be a doctor tried to enter my room, I asked him to prove that he was a doctor but he could not,” he said.

Asked what his next destination would be, he replied: “I do not have travel documents. I can only travel if I have my Kenyan passport that the court has ordered to be returned to me unconditionally.”


UAE police, he claimed, had barred officials from the Canadian Embassy in Dubai, from visiting him in his room.

“I’ m unwell and I cannot access quality medication without exiting the airport. This will require my Kenyan passport that the government of Kenya has denied me after sedating and forcefully ejecting me from Nairobi,” he said.

Dr Miguna’s supporters in New York on Saturday planned a protest at the United Nations Quarters against injustice meted on the lawyer.

In a statement from Dubai, Dr Miguna on Saturday also accused Nasa leader Raila Odinga of dining with his oppressors.


Malik Obama, the half brother of former USA president Barrack Obama, also reacted to the dramatic deportation of Dr Miguna by Kenyan authorities.

Miguna was bundled out of the country on Wednesday night after landing at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport from Canada on Monday afternoon.

Obama said on Twitter that it was unfortunate that the government could deport a citizen born in Kenya even when courts had ordered that he be allowed back after he was first deported on February 6.

“@MigunaMiguna is a Kenyan who was just deported from his own country Kenya for the second time even when the courts declared the government action illegal. He was deported because he opposes the government. Very sad!” Malik said in a tweet.

Obama added that, “Only those who are lucky and privileged enjoy this world.”

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